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How much do Young Chang pianos cost?

How much do Young Chang pianos cost?

Young Chang Pianos for Sale | Buy a Young Chang Piano at PianoMart

Year Details Price
1988 Young Chang G-150 (4’11”), Ebony, 1988 (VIDEO) WARRANTY! $3,950
2005 Young Chang Baby Grand G157, Ebony mint condition $4,950
1987 Young Chang G-157 Baby Grand Piano $4,690
1988 Young Chang G-175 Baby Grand Piano $5,490

Are Young Chang pianos any good?

Quality control in Young Chang’s Korean factory has improved little by little over the years, and is now nearly as good as that in Japan. Pianos from the factory in China, like other pianos from that country, have been uneven in quality, but in recent years have greatly improved.

How old is my Young Chang piano?


1895 – 1910 1900 – 30700
1920 – 1940 78800 – 160000
1960 – 1980 307000 – 569807
1990 – 1995 700001 – 703128

Where Are Young Chang pianos made?

South Korea
HDC YoungChang (Hangul: HDC영창) is a South Korean manufacturer of pianos and industrial wood working machinery, headquartered in Incheon, South Korea.

How old is the Young Chang grand piano?

I am selling my black baby grand piano. It’s a 4 foot eleven inch Young Chang and is approximately 8 years old. The piano is in excellent condition. more The piano has been kept in a proper humidity controlled environment. I am a piano teacher looking to invest in a new piano. The piano was used only for personal use in my home.

Where can I buy a Young Chang Baby Grand?

Young Chang Baby Grand (PRISTINE) Full. Rich sounding Young Chang baby grand in pristine condition inside and out and sold with 5 year parts and labor more warranty. Visit our new warehouse at 257 Broadway in Huntington Station NY or call us today at 631-547-1078.

When did the Young Chang Platinum series come out?

The Pramberger platinum series was introduced in 2001 when John Pramberger came to work for Young Chang after leaving Steinway. He completely redesigned the instrument and gave Young Chang piano’s the phenomenal design they still use today. The Pramberger series came after the G Series in 1999.