How much did Small Soldiers make?

How much did Small Soldiers make?

87.5 million USD
Small Soldiers/Box office

What year was the movie Small Soldiers?

October 2, 1998 (Brazil)
Small Soldiers/Release date

Who produced small soldiers?

Michael Finnell
Paul DeasonColin Wilson
Small Soldiers/Producers

Is Small Soldiers kid friendly?

‘Small Soldiers’ is a great kids’ action movie; it doesn’t patronise the audience and is enjoyable for adults to watch well. The commandos being so ruthless is what most parents may be concerned about and therefore it is unlikely to be appropriate for young kids.

Is Small Soldiers a book?

Small Soldiers by Gavin Scott.

Was Arnold Schwarzenegger in Small Soldiers?

Arnold Schwarzenegger would voice Chip Hazard, Shane Black would voice Kip Killagin, Carl Weathers would voice Butch Meathook, Jesse Ventura would voice Brick Bazooka, Sonny Landham would voice Nick Nitro, and Bill Duke would voice Link Static.

Was there a Small Soldiers 2?

Cancelled remake Due to the acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney on March 20, 2019, Disney later in August cancelled the film along with over 200 other projects, which revealed the film was intended as a remake of Small Soldiers.

Why is Small Soldiers PG 13?

SEX/NUDITY 1 – Male dolls make verbal advances toward female dolls. VIOLENCE/GORE 4 – Dolls attack humans and other dolls in hordes. Humans are hit by darts and nails shot by the dolls, a man is stabbed in the leg with a toy knife and a doll sets a man’s pants on fire by shooting a torch.

Will There Be Small Soldiers 2?

Who is the director of toys come alive?

The film, directed by Frank Oz, is all live-action and tells the story of Omri, who’s given an old cabinet and key for his birthday and discovers that the combination breathes life into anything put into the cabinet. Being a modestly-sized cabinet, he tries the small toy figures in his closet.

Are there any movies with toys that come alive?

Although the slightly awkward animation makes the film appear directed at young children, the story touches on philosophical themes that are explored further in the book.

When do toys in playroom come to life?

An alternate and happier ending features in Fantasia 2000, where the tin soldier defeats the evil, lecherous Jack-in-the-box and he and the ballerina live happily ever after. Of course. The story uses a motif we’ll see again, as the toys in the playroom come to life at the stroke of midnight.

What was the name of the 1983 movie where the toys come from?

Where the Toys Come From (1983 TV Movie) Error: please try again. Two curious toys, Peepers and Zoom, wonder about how they become toys. Aided by Robin, their equally curious owner, Zoom and Peepers visit a toy museum – “Home for Old Toys” to discover their existence. 11. March of the Wooden Soldiers (1934) Error: please try again.