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How much depth do plantation shutters need?

How much depth do plantation shutters need?

Minimum depth for inside mounts is 2 ½” from glass to the outer edge of the window frame. Shutters with a 3 ½” louver require a minimum depth of 3”. For best results, inside mounting is recommended for shades that will be installed on window frames with at least a 2 ½” minimum depth.

What is the most popular plantation shutter?

Here are a few of the most popular materials for plantation shutters, and why some are a better choice than others.

  • Hardwood. Hardwood is a premium plantation shutter material.
  • Faux Wood. Faux wood is one of the most popular styles of plantation shutters.
  • Hybrid with Wood and Faux Wood.
  • Vinyl.
  • Composites.

What size do plantation shutters come in?

When purchasing plantation shutters the most important option is the louver size. Shutter louvers or slats come in 1 7/8″, 2″, 2 1/2″, 3″, 3 1/2″, 4″, 4 1/2″, 5″ and 5 1/2″. Depending on style, view or architectural feature you’re looking for, louver size is often a personal preference.

Do plantation shutters make a room darker?

We are often asked if shutters will make rooms darker throughout the day when installed. The simple answer is that shutters can offer complete darkness, full light and anywhere in between. In fact shutters are one of the most versatile solutions for your windows when it comes to window dressings.

Which type of plantation shutters are the best?

9 Types of Plantation Shutters To Choose For Your Home Full Height Plantation Shutters. Full height plantation shutters will be more suitable for most windows in different buildings. Tier on Tier Shutters. As the name indicates, Tier on tier plantation shutters are made of two shutters. Café Style Plantation Shutters. Solid Shutters. Bi-Fold Plantation Shutters. Waterproof Shutters.

How can I customize my plantation shutters?

Steps Measure your window frame. Begin with the four planks that will serve as the shutter frame. Cut the four planks to size. Build the shutter frame by gluing the two vertical planks to the two horizontal planks. Measure the length of your flat louvers. Ideally, you should buy louvers already fitted to size. Cut your louvers to size.

What is the average cost of a plantation shutter?

Average Cost of Plantation Shutters . The average cost to install plantation shutters in your home is $2,350 with most homeowners spending between $1,450 to $3,360 depending on the size of each window and the materials selected.

What do you need to know about plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters refer to the popular interior shutter of today that is a sturdy window treatment, composed of wide louvered slats that tilt to allow for privacy and light control which are framed within a solid architectural framework and installed within the window frame for the neatest, cleanest look with an accurate fit.