How much are tickets to a Clemson football game?

How much are tickets to a Clemson football game?

Clemson Tigers Football Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2020 Clemson Memorial Stadium $119
2019 Clemson Memorial Stadium $115
2018 Clemson Memorial Stadium $99
2017 Clemson Memorial Stadium $96

Can you buy Clemson football tickets?

Clemson fans are ready to Come Back Home to Clemson. Clemson has received 57,000 season ticket requests for the 2021 football season, with a 97% renewal rate. A limited number of three-game Flex Packs are now on sale for as little as $140 and single-game tickets for as little as $45 will be made available on June 30.

Do Clemson students pay for football tickets?

Yes! Free tickets are available in every student section so regardless of how you receive your ticket, you have the opportunity to sit with your friends. Tickets are fully transferrable, enabling students to freely exchange tickets with other students to keep friends together.

What state is Clemson Tide from?

state of South Carolina
Clemson University is located in the town of Clemson, in the Upstate region of the state of South Carolina.

Is the Clemson spring game free?

Fans will be able to purchase tickets for $10 each. Donors were allowed to request free tickets through Monday the students can also gain free admission on game day. The expected remainder for a possible capacity of 19,000 will be sold for seats in the north upper deck.

How can I watch South Carolina vs Clemson baseball?

To access the streams, go to or use the ESPN app and log in using your cable provider. In addition, the games will be broadcast on the radio on many of USC’s statewide affiliate stations or through those that air Clemson games. Both schools will also stream their radio broadcasts online.

How much are tickets to a Clemson game?

Typically, Clemson Tigers tickets can be found for as low as $22.00, with an average price of $130.00 but can vary depending on the opponent. Where do the Clemson Tigers play? Clemson Football home games are played at Clemson Memorial Stadium in Clemson, SC. When do Clemson Tigers Football tickets go on sale?

Where does the Clemson Clemson football team play?

The Tigers plays on Frank Howard Field in Clemson, which is in the northwestern part of South Carolina. The most notable achievement of the Clemson Tigers thus far is the team’s 44–16 domination over Alabama in the National Championship in 2019.

Who are the Clemson Tigers playing in 2018?

Texas A&M, who Clemson plays early, has a powerful passing game it can employ against a relatively young and inexperienced defense. In 2018, Kellen Mond passed for 430 yards against Clemson. The very next game will be away against a challenging Syracuse Orange, who beat the Tigers in 2017 and almost upset the team in 2018.

When did Clemson win their first national championship?

A founding member of the Atlantic Coast Conference, Clemson has 18 ACC titles in all as of the start of the 2019 season, the most of any member. The Tigers scored their first national championship in 1981, under 33-year-old head coach Danny Ford.