How much are bred heifers selling for?

How much are bred heifers selling for?

The national average price for a bred heifer may be under $2,000, but there are still cattlemen willing to pay more than $3,000 for the right replacement. Increasingly, the bred heifer market is about return, with many convinced higher quality is an investment that pays off.

How much is a year old heifer worth?

If a first-calf heifer pair is worth $2,150, then a bred heifer would be worth approximately $2,050 and an open heifer (that will be bred in May for spring calving) would be worth approximately $1,450.

What is a bred heifer?

Bred Heifer: a female bovine that is pregnant with her first calf.” Other cattle terminology not included above are beef cattle, or cattle raised for human consumption.

When should you put a bull on a heifer?

Bulls will be turned in with heifers in March and with cows in April. Evaluate bulls, trim feet, line up breeding soundness exams and decide on buying new bulls. A cow’s nutrient needs increase by at least 50% after calving. If possible, separate dry cows from cow-calf pairs to feed more efficiently.

Can you milk a heifer?

Yes–in order for a cow to produce milk, it needs to have a baby first. Most cow owners breed their cow every single year so they have a fresh lactation cycle. However, you don’t *have* to do this.

Where to buy a heifer in central Kentucky?

Welcome to the Central Kentucky Premier Heifer Sale Website. We hope you find the website useful in selecting quality replacement females, as well as a site to preview a select group of seed stock.

Who is the chairman of Premier heifer sales?

Premier Heifer Sales David Sandusky, Chairman 3200 St. Rose Road Lebanon, KY 40033 (270) 692-1875 (270) 692-7793 (cell) [email protected]

How long do heifers stay bred after sale?

· Heifers will be sold in uniform lots of 1-6 animals sorted according to breed type, size, and within a 45 daycalving window. · All heifers are guaranteed bred and to remain bred for 30 days after the sale.

Who is the University of Kentucky beef specialist?

By working with the University of Kentucky beef specialist, extension agents, University and local veterinarians, along with Merialand Boehringer-IngelheimVetmedica, a program was established for quality and health that is second to none.