How many pillars of vision are there in 2016?

How many pillars of vision are there in 2016?

seven Pillars
The seven Pillars of Botswana’s National Vision 2016 are depicted below with major keywords.

What is Vision 2016?

WHAT IS VISION 2016? Vision 2016 is Botswana’s strategy to propel its socio-economic and political development into a competitive, winning and prosperous nation. Seven key goals have been developed to achieve this. By this year, a number of challenges in Botswana’s long-term goals for development will have been met.

What are the pillars of Vision 2036?


  • VISION 2036; Prosperity for all.
  • PILLAR 2 – HUMAN SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT. By 2036 Botswana will be a moral, tolerant and inclusive society that provides opportunities for all.

When did Vision 2016 start?

August 1996
How The Vision Was Produced? The work of defining Vision 2016 began in August 1996 with a nine person Presidential Task Group. They produced a booklet entitled “A Framework for a Long Term Vision for Botswana”. This group was expanded to thirty one people in January 1997.

What are the guiding principles of Vision 2036?

Vision 2036 is anchored on our five national principles of democracy, development, self-reliance, unity and botho that have characterised post-independence Botswana. Democracy in our context means that we will all contribute to our own individual, as well as our country’s wellbeing and development.

Who is the coordinator of Vision 2036?

Koontse Mokgwathi – Director Monitoring & Evaluation – VISION 2036 COORDINATING AGENCY (VISION COUNCIL SECREATRIAT) | LinkedIn.

Who was the director of Vision 2016?

Charity K Kruger – Executive Director – Botswana Longterm Development Strategy -Vision 2016 Council | LinkedIn.

What are the four national principles?

Its four national principles are seen as a foundation for nation building and referred to as: Democracy, Develop- ment, Self-reliance, and Unity (Republic of Botswana, 1977). The world is a diverse ecosystem where humans and the environment must interact and live in harmony.

What are the national principles of Botswana?

What are the five national principles?

Botswana’s Economic and Social Development Agenda is based upon five national principles, which are: Democracy, Development, Self-Reliance, Unity, and botho.

What are national principles?

The National Principles have a broader scope that goes beyond child sexual abuse to cover other forms of potential harm to children and young people. The National Principles are: Physical and online environments promote safety and wellbeing while minimising the opportunity for children and young people to be harmed.

What is our Rukun Negara?

The Rukun Negara or (formerly Rukunegara; Malay for ‘National Principles’) is the Malaysian declaration of national philosophy instituted by royal proclamation on Merdeka Day, 1970, in reaction to a serious race riot known as the 13 May Incident, which occurred in 1969.