How many NHS hospitals are there in Kent?

How many NHS hospitals are there in Kent?

20 hospitals
There are 20 hospitals in Kent, most of which have been inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). But the number and type of services each provide varies from few to many. The larger hospitals have more responsibilities and subsequently face more challenges.

What hospitals are in East Kent trust?

Our Hospitals

  • Buckland Hospital.
  • Kent and Canterbury Hospital.
  • Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital.
  • William Harvey Hospital (Ashford)

Which is the best hospital in Kent?

Benenden Hospital received the highest rating in Kent.

  • Royal Victoria Hospital in Folkestone received a rating of ‘good’
  • KIMs Hospital in Weavering was rated as ‘good’ by the CQC.
  • Nuffield Health private hospital in Tunbridge Wells was rated as ‘good’
  • What trust is William Harvey hospital?

    East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust
    William Harvey Hospital – East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust.

    What is the biggest hospital in Kent?

    Medway Maritime Hospital
    Medway Maritime Hospital is a general hospital in Gillingham, England within the NHS South East Coast. It is run by Medway NHS Foundation Trust. It is Kent’s largest and busiest hospital, dealing with around 400,000 patients annually.

    How many NHS trusts are there in Kent?

    It includes data feeds from the four acute hospital trusts, three community services providers, two community-based mental health services providers, 225 main GP practices and 85 branch sites, and around 466 social care teams based in local authorities. Patients are able to access their own records.

    Is it expensive to live in Kent?

    While Kent CC benefits from fairly good incomes and reasonable house prices for the region it is in, it suffers from low employment and a lot of overworking, as well as a very high cost of living, and this is why it has fallen into the lower half of Uswitch’s Best Places to Live in The UK Quality of Life Index results …

    When was Kent and Canterbury hospital built?

    Kent and Canterbury Hospital/Founded

    What is the name of the hospital in Ashford Kent?

    The William Harvey Hospital, Ashford
    The William Harvey Hospital, Ashford is an acute hospital providing a range of emergency and elective services as well as comprehensive maternity, trauma, orthopaedic and paediatric and neonatal Intensive care services.

    What hospital is Whh?

    William Harvey Hospital wards and departments – East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust.

    How much is parking at Kent and Canterbury Hospital?


    0 – 1 hours £2.00
    3 – 4 hours £4.00
    4 – 5 hours £5.00
    5 – 6 hours £6.00
    6 – 7 hours £7.00

    Which is the largest NHS Trust in UK?

    Barts Health is the largest NHS trust in London and one of Britain’s leading healthcare providers:

    • Five hospitals, with over 16,000 staff.
    • 931 A&E patients every day.
    • 1.3 million outpatients a year.
    • Over 72% of our staff are female.
    • Over 20% are Black.
    • Over 30% are Asian.

    Where are all the private hospitals in Kent?

    Here at Hospitalsworldguide you have at your disposal a list of all the private hospitals of Kent (United kingdom) darenth wood rd, dartford da2 8da, united kingdom da2 8da Darenth ,Kent ,England ,United Kingdom . phone available.

    Where are the mental health services in Kent?

    NHS Mental Health services are provided by Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust and Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust. Services for children and adolescents are provided by North East London NHS Foundation Trust, who took over from Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in 2017.

    When did the NHS take over in Kent?

    From 1947 to 1965 NHS services in Kent were managed by the South-East Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board. In 1974 the Boards were abolished and replaced by Regional Health Authorities. The whole of Kent came under the South East Metropolitan RHA. Regions were reorganised in 1996 and Kent came under the South Thames Regional Health Authority.

    Where is the Kent and Canterbury Hospital in Canterbury?

    Kent and Canterbury Hospital. 01227 766877 Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Ethelbert Road , Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3NG.