How many miles per gallon does a cbr500r get?

How many miles per gallon does a cbr500r get?

Honda is claiming an average 80.2mpg which translates into a tank range of over 260 miles. This is a cheap bike but it certainly doesn’t feel like it.

How fast is a cbr500r mph?

116 mph
Top Speed: 116 mph (Est.)

How long will a cbr500r last?

Registered. Best thread here by far. CBR’s on average ride till around 246,000 kilometres.

What fuel does a CBR500R take?

US regular gas (87 octane) is what is recommended. It is also called 91 RON octane just to confuse us riders.

How much horsepower does a CBR500R have?

50.0 HP @
2021 CBR500R Colors: Pearl White (USA), Matte Gray Metallic (USA), Grand Prix Red. 2021 CBR500R Horsepower: 50.0 HP @ 8,600 RPM. 2021 CBR500R Torque: 31.7 ft/lb TQ @ 7,000 RPM. 2021 CBR500R MPG: 67 Miles Per Gallon.

Is the CBR500R a good starter bike?

Many people looking to get into the hobby of motorcycling often smirk when it is suggested that they look into a fantastic bike like the CBR 250, Ninja 250, or the Ninja 300. That’s one of the reason the CBR 500R makes our list of the top starter motorcycles for beginners in 2017. …

Is Ninja 400 good for touring?

Lots of torque, perfect ergonomics, great fuel economy. In the 2 years I owned it I only put 3700 miles on it. In the 2 months I’ve owned the Ninja 400 I have only put 800 miles on but WANT to ride all the time.

Are CBR500R reliable?

It has great power for a LAMS bike, handles well and is easy to ride. I’ve been riding it every day to work and is a very reliable piece of machinery. It looks good and accelerates well compared to a 300cc or below.

Are CBR500R good?

The CBR 500R is a Freeway Specialist That makes it great for cruising at higher speeds or navigating back roads. The bike is heavier than most 250’s or 300cc’ motorcycles which means an easier ride and being pushed around less by the wind when you are at freeway speeds.

What are the features of a Honda CBR500R?

The fully faired CBR500R’s gets its aggressive form from straight, wedge-like feature lines and extended lower fairings that emphasize a real sense of speed. The rider’s seat pad and seat unit—plus the upper and side fairings—have are narrow to improve ergonomics and movement.

Is the Honda CBR1000RR a sport bike?

In addition to announcing the 2021 CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP, Honda confirmed the return of a number of sport and naked models for the 2020 model year: High-level sport-bike performance needn’t always come in large packages, as proven by the popular CBR600RR, which is equally at home on twisty back roads and dedicated race circuits.

What kind of engine does a Honda CB650R have?

A true middleweight standard, the CB650R pairs a light, versatile chassis to a 649cc inline four-cylinder engine with great torque and a smooth throttle delivery. Honda’s Neo Sports Café design theme showcases smooth lines and compact packaging, guaranteeing that this is a bike that’s just as exciting to look at as it is to ride.

How much fuel does a 500 cc bike use?

I average 5.13 L/100 km, you’d think a 500 cc should do better. I don’t find the motor in my bike the least bit boring fortunately. Smaller is not always more economical, or at least it was not back in the day. I bought a new, 1968 CB450 five-speed early in 1969.