How many lawyers does Davis Wright Tremaine have?

How many lawyers does Davis Wright Tremaine have?

500 lawyers
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP is a national law firm with approximately 500 lawyers representing clients based throughout the United States and around the world. For more information, visit www.dwt.com.

What is Davis Wright Tremaine known for?

About Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Founded in 1908, Davis Wright Tremaine has worked with small clients as well as those of Fortune 500 stature, with a focus on litigation, entertainment, environmental, intellectual property, and employment law. Today, the firm has more than 500 attorneys across eight domestic offices.

Who is dwt com?

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP is an American business and litigation law firm. Founded in 1944, the firm is a limited liability partnership and employs over 500 lawyers….Davis Wright Tremaine.

Headquarters Seattle, Washington
Company type Limited liability partnership
Website www.dwt.com

Is Davis Wright Tremaine a big law firm?

This commitment has remained intact for decades as the firm has grown across the nation. Today, Davis Wright is a full-service firm with more than 550 lawyers in eight offices on the east and west coasts of the United States.

Where is Davis Wright Tremaine headquartered?

Seattle, Washington, United States
Davis Wright Tremaine/Headquarters

How large is Davis Wright Tremaine?

Description. According to the National Law Journal’s 2021 NLJ 500 ranking of firms based on size, Davis Wright Tremaine has 534 attorneys and is ranked 91st in the United States. With $445,253,000 gross revenue in 2020, the firm placed 89th on The American Lawyer’s 2021 Am Law 200 ranking.

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Is Cooley big law?

According to Law360, Cooley is “widely regarded as one of Silicon Valley’s go-to law firms.” It is one of the fifty largest law firms in the world….Cooley LLP.

Headquarters Palo Alto, California
No. of offices 16
No. of attorneys 1,009 (2019)
Major practice areas Corporate, Litigation, Intellectual Property, Regulatory

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Where is Davis Wright Tremaine office in Seattle?

In a city famous for business innovation and cultural leadership, Davis Wright Tremaine’s downtown Seattle office has helped some of the premier companies in the region to achieve success.

When did Davis Wright Tremaine merge with another firm?

More than eight decades after it kick-started to life in Seattle, Davis Wright Tremaine merged with another reputable Seattle firm and began its expansion in and beyond the Pacific Northwest.

How can we help you Davis Wright Tremaine?

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When did Davis Wright Tremaine move to New York?

The firm moved to the East Coast in 1981, when it acquired a Washington, DC, telecommunications boutique and made its move to the Big Apple in 1998. Davis Wright Tremaine has continued to grow in its core practice areas, as well as copyright and middle-management M&A.