How many GB is Euro Truck Simulator 2?

How many GB is Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Windows Requirements

Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements
Processor Processor Dual core CPU 2.4 GHz Processor Quad core CPU 3.0 GHz
Memory Memory 4 GB Memory 6 GB
Graphics Graphics GeForce GTS 450-class (Intel HD 4000) Graphics GeForce GTX 760-class (2 GB)
Storage Storage 3 GB Storage 3 GB

Can you buy Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is available for purchase on Instant Gaming for a fraction of its retail price. You will receive an official key and be able to play the game in seconds.

Is there a Euro Truck Simulator 1?

The original Euro Truck Simulator – the game which has become the classic of the genre and is still relevant today. The first truck simulation game in a European setting, with European long haul trucks! Drive freight from London to Rome to Berlin to Madrid to Prague – and many more cities – in realistic vehicles.

When did Euro Truck Simulator 2 release?

October 19, 2012
Euro Truck Simulator 2/Initial release dates

What’s the best truck in ETS2?

Volvo and Scania are the two trucks that have the most powerful engines. Volvo is 750 HP, while Scania is 730 HP.

What are the requirements for Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Here are the Euro Truck Simulator 2 System Requirements (Minimum) CPU: Info CPU SPEED: Dual core CPU 2.4 GHz RAM: 4 GB OS: Windows 7 VIDEO CARD: GeForce GTS 450-class (Intel HD 4000) PIXEL SHADER: 5.0 VERTEX SHADER: 5.0 FREE DISK SPACE: 120 MB DEDICATED VIDEO RAM: 512 MB

What is Euro simulator?

Euro Train Simulator is the first in a planned series of high-quality, feature-rich railroad simulation games covering every major destination in the world. Featuring an intuitive, easy to use interface, the game lets users play Career Mode to accomplish each scenario and unlock new trains and routes.

What is a trucking simulator?

Truck Simulator. Truck Simulator is a vehicle simulation game series created by SCS Software. The first title in the series, Euro Truck Simulator, was released on 29 August 2008 for Microsoft Windows and OS X and the first European-truck simulation established gameplay.