How many floors is SCP-087?

How many floors is SCP-087?

270 floors
There are a total of 270 floors.

How far does SCP-087 go?

The total amount of floors ranges from anywhere beyond 130. Upon entering the last hallway, the walls behind the player will close in and they will be ambushed and killed by the Masked Man, causing the game to intentionally crash. Upon crashing, one of these messages will appear: “NO”

How do you beat SCP-087?

The First Thing You Should Know Is Survival. For SCP-087-B-1, He Always Jumpscares You, But It Dosen’t Do Harm, When Lights Come Out And They Turn Back On, SCP-087-B-1 Will Walk Towards You, So It’s Best For You To Back Up, When The Lights Flicker Off And On, You Should Back Up Too.

Can you escape SCP-087?

Escaping “The Endless Staircase”/”SCP-087” Even though the name is “Endless Staircase” it has an end, you must simply just get past SCP-087-B in SCP-087, and you will be teleported to SCP-106’s Containment Area, this can range from extremely easy or impossible to get through.

Where to find SCP-087 at the last floor?

Before the player reaches the last floor, SCP-087-1’s face can be seen in the darkness on the next floor. Once the player gets close enough SCP-087-1 will charge at the player before the game crashes. It is possible by jumping on the railing and quickly moving to the edge of the invisible wall to not get ambushed by SCP-087-1.

What does SCP 087 stand for in SCP explained?

SCP Explained presents you an SCP Foundation anomaly SCP 087 also known as The Endless Stairwell or an unlit platform staircase. Another anomaly in the SCP F…

Who is the creator of SCP-087-B?

SCP-087 is a simple experimental first person horror game created by Haversine. It inspired Regalis to make SCP-087-B and later SCP – Containment Breach . The player starts out in the entrance of the stairwell, being conducted by the foundation for testing.

Is there a flood lamp in SCP-087?

D-9957 enters SCP-087 and shines the flood lamp into the stairwell. The flood lamp luminates the first 9 steps. Colour footage shows the walls of SCP-087 to be a rusty red colour. No LED lights from Exploration II are visible. Dr. ΠΠΠΠΠΠ: Please proceed to descend the first flight of stairs and examine the landing wall.