How many episodes of Sket Dance are there?

How many episodes of Sket Dance are there?

As of September 27, 2012, 77 episodes have aired spanning one and a half years. Sket Dance follows the adventures of Kaimei High School’s campus support club, the Sket Dan who are dedicated to improving campus life and will solve any & all problems submitted by the staff or student body.

Who is the creator of Sket Dance anime?

Sket Dance (スケット・ダンス Suketto Dansu) is an anime series adapted from the Sket Dance manga series by Kenta Shinohara. It is produced by Tatsunoko Production and directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi.

What kind of music does Sket Dance to?

This article is currently under construction. Please excuse our dust. Kakkowarui I love you! Party! Hallelujah! Gorgeously Yaba Yabasu! Concentration Byubyubyu~n!

Who are the girls that attack Himeko in Sket Dance?

A trio of delinquent girls named Inui, Kijima, and Sarukawa attack Himeko, but are easily defeated. Looking for a way to get revenge, they follow Himeko, Switch and Bossun, and they eavesdrop on the Sket Dan’s conversation about Himeko’s field hockey stick being her trusty partner in battle.

What is the purpose of the Sket Dance?

Dedicated to the general improvement of campus life, the Sket Dance is devoted to solving any and all problems submitted by the staff or student body.

When did the seven school wonders Sket Dance come out?

The Seven School Wonders Sket Dance (スケット・ダンス, Suketto Dansu, stylized in Japan as SKET DANCE) is a manga series written and illustrated by Kenta Shinohara and serialized, beginning in July 2007, in Shueisha ‘s manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump. Sket Dance won the 55th annual Shogakukan Manga Award in 2009 for best shōnen manga.