How long should a shave horse be?

How long should a shave horse be?

The legs are intended to be made about 4″ to 5″ longer than required for levelling and to accommodate a taller user if desired. Unless you build the horse more than 191/2″ tall, the offcuts should be long enough to use as raw material to make the pegs. Figure 6: Typical use of a shaving horse.

How does a shaving horse work?

The shaving horse is basically a giant vise, and it works seamlessly. The harder you pull on a drawknife, the harder you automatically push on the treadle with your foot. This tightens the grip on the stock and prevents it from slipping out of the jaws.

What is a spoon mule?

A spoon mule is a foot activated clamping mechanism that allows quick and easy work holding options while carving spoons. Since the clamping is done with the feet, powerful two handed tools like drawknives and large hook knives can be used to carve the spoon.

What is a shaving horse used for?

Shave horses are mostly used for green woodwork (using unseasoned wood) to make items such as spoons, kuksas (small bowls) or chair legs. Typically they are used to hold rougher bits of wood which are being moulded into shape using a two-handed draw knife.

What can I make with a shave horse?

Typical usage of the shaving horse is to create a round profile along a square piece, such as for a chair leg or to prepare a workpiece for the pole lathe. They are used in crafts such as coopering and bowyery.

Do you have to shave horses?

Should You Clip Or Not? Body clipping is always optional, and most riders don’t bother. Sometimes horses are given several months off over the winter season, so there’s no point. Other times, horses are ridden more lightly, so they don’t wind up sweating that much either.

What is a spoon horse?

SPOONED SHOE. This shoe has “spoons” on its heels. One cups around the heel and is not fit very tightly on the outside, so as not to hinder natural expansion of the heel. The second style is used on gaited horses with pads. Depending on the height of the stack, the spoon can be as high as 2 inches.

What can you make with a shaving horse?

How do you make a shave?

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Is it bad to shave a horse?

Horse Clipping minimises sweating and will enable him to dry and cool off more effectively. Horse clipping will prevent your horse from catching a chill and it will also cut down on grooming time. If your horse is living out all winter, it is advisable not to clip and ensure that they have suitable field shelter.

How to build a traditional English shaving horse?

These plans and instructions may be used by anyone with intermediate woodworking skills to build a traditional English shaving horse. The shaving horse described in the following plans and instructions incorporates the functions of a traditional chairmaker’s low bench.

Where to get free shaving horse plans and projects?

Free shaving horse woodworking plans – Plans and how-to information, where to get free woodworkig plans information to build your own shaving horse. Just a diagram, no other information provided except an email address to contact the builder. This is a link to a Google 3D SketchUp drawing for a shaving horse.

What kind of tool is a shaving horse?

A shaving horse is an old woodworking tool used to hold a workpiece in a place while it is worked by a cutting tool such as spokeshave or drawknife. Here is a downloadable plan to build this one. The basic workbench for shaping with a drawknife or spokeshave is the shaving horse.

How to prepare a plank for shaving a horse?

Instructions Plank 1. Prepare the plank material. Cut the plank (A) to the length noted in Diagram A, within 1/ 4″. Plane the best face smooth, flat and clean, by hand or on a jointer. 2. Lay out and cut the plank to size and shape.