How long is Gigabyte GPU warranty?

How long is Gigabyte GPU warranty?

4 Years Warranty
1. The extended warranty offers product limited warranty up to 4 years from the date of purchase. 2.

How long is Gigabyte warranty?

3 years
3 years of limited local warranty.

Does gigabyte GPU have international warranty?

Gigabyte includes a standard 1 year global warranty that is valid worldwide wherever a similar product is supported.

How can I avail my Gigabyte warranty?


  1. Sign up as a member.
  2. Register your product within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  3. Receive a warranty confirming successful registration.

How long is the warranty on Nvidia GPU?

FOR HOW LONG? This NVIDIA warranty applies for one (1) year from the date of purchase of your new Warranted Product (“Warranty Period”). WHAT WILL NVIDIA DO? NVIDIA will repair, or if repair is not reasonably possible, replace your defective Warranted Product.

Is gigabyte a good company?

Gigabyte has an excellent reputation for providing very reliable Intel and AMD motherboards that work very well at budget-friendly prices. The following example is one of their most popular and indeed most affordable motherboards…

How long is AMD warranty?

AMD warrants that processors sold through the AMD Processor in a Box Program, which have a “qualifying” serial number, when properly installed and used, will be free from defects in material and workmanship and will substantially conform to AMD’s publicly available specifications for a period of three (3) years after …

How long is Gigabyte laptop warranty?

GIGABYTE/AORUS offers a one-year limited warranty on the battery shipped with the Laptop from the date of purchase. The warranty service provided by GIGABYTE/AORUS notebook is valid from the date of purchase.

Does overclocking GPU void warranty Gigabyte?

NO, overclocking WILL NOT void the manufacturer warranty (any and all of them) in any way shape or form, so long as you don’t flash another BIOS on the card they can’t even know if you overclocked it with afterburner or precision X or whatever.

Does removing GPU backplate void warranty?

Yes yes you end up voiding the warranty if you change the Backplate on the GPU, yep you better not do it, unless your fully satisfied.

Does replacing thermal paste on GPU void warranty Gigabyte?

Does re-paste the GPU voids the warranty? Please answer clearly. As mentioned in previous mail, if there is any damage while taking a part the hardware, then it will void warranty.

Is there an extended warranty on a gigabyte graphics card?

While specific models are eligible for extended warranty upon online registration, no more than 2 cards of the same model can be registered for extended warranty under the same account within 1 year from the date of purchase. GIGABYTE graphics cards, except those labeled “Mining Series”, are intended only for use with desktop PCs.

When does the gigabyte Aorus warranty expire?

The warranty service provided by GIGABYTE / AORUS product is valid from the Date of Purchase. Consumers are required to provide a valid receipt or invoice with the date of purchase/invoice date, and the dealer’s name should be recognizable.

Do you need to register a gigabyte card?

From this forum thread, it looks like Gigabyte does not product registration. You can always open a ticket or call them and ask if you need to register your product. http://www.overclock.net/nvidia/788594-i-b…60-now-how.html No need to registration because GIGABYTE determines warranty based on the manufacture date.

Do you need a proof of purchase for Gigabyte?

A valid proof of purchase is required to complete the registration. 4. GIGABYTE is not liable for any unsuccessful product registration due to incomplete or incorrect information input. 5.