How long does it take to break in a performance clutch?

How long does it take to break in a performance clutch?

General rule of thumb for new clutches is take it easy for the first 500 miles before giving it full throttle. Unless using a new flywheel provided by SPEC, existing unit must be resurfaced prior to installation of the clutch product to ensure integrity of friction surface.

Is a Stage 3 clutch a race clutch?

Stage 3, with the same applications as the Stage 2, features a carbon semi-metallic six-puck sprung hub disc that is the leading puck clutch in drivability, life, and torque capacity. It’s designed for street and race cars with aggressive but street-able engagement and high torque capacity.

Is Sachs a good clutch?

Overall, this clutch will make your pedal feel considerably lighter and grant a fair bit of additional clamping force. Sachs makes the stock clutches on the Volkswagen GTI. However, this clutch is a great and reliable option for any TSI engine.

What a new clutch should feel like?

If you’re experiencing any of the below symptoms, you may need a clutch replacement: Spongy, sticking, vibrating or loose clutch pedal when pressed. Squeaking or grumbling noise when pressed. ‘Slipping’ clutch, causing a momentary loss of acceleration.

Does a performance clutch increase horsepower?

As Norton mentioned, the power gains from the SPEC clutch increase power all across the horsepower and torque curves. Moreover a faster revving, more responsive engine and clutch system is something that is useful in more than just producing peak power.

Which is better stage 3 or Stage 3 + clutch?

The Stage 3+ clutch kit offers good daily drivability and better manageability than the Stage 3, with even better wear characteristics, it is the best clutch made by SPEC for high powered street driven vehicles.

What kind of disc does Spec Clutch use?

Features a carbon semi-metallic full faced material that offers unparalleled life, friction co-efficient and drivability. Kevlar disc with steel backing, yielding excellent drivability, longer life and higher torque capacity.

What kind of clutch do I need for a 300 mile break in?

Provides quick but smooth engagement and extended life. 300 mile break-in recommended with this set-up. The 2600 Series kit includes a performance pressure plate, a high torque sprung disc with segmented Ceramic facings,, all applicable bearings and the appropriate alignment tool.

How long to break in new clutch LS2?

Owner must also break in the new high performance clutch for a minimum of 500 miles, primarily city and/or stop-and-go driving, before full throttle engagement, drag launching or power shifting. Failure to properly install and break in your clutch will create chatter and slipping, plus it will void the manufacturer’s warranty.