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How fast is Internet in China?

How fast is Internet in China?

According to the March 2019 Global Speedtest Index, China ranked 22nd out of 178 countries with a national average download speed of 90.6 Mbps. In comparison, a 2018 report by M-Lab3 recorded China’s mean download speed at only 2.4 Mbps, which placed China 141st out of 200 countries.

Which country has fastest Internet speed?

When it comes to fixed broadband connections, Singapore tops the list of countries by average connection speed. Internet users in Singapore achieve an average speed of 57.27 Mbps, significantly faster than the 48.52 Mbps achieved in Norway, the second-placed country on the speed rankings.

Why is Internet in China so slow?

In much of America, the Internet is slow by those standards, but mainly for infrastructure reasons. In China it’s slow because of political control: censorship and the “Great Firewall” bog down everything and make much of the online universe impossible to reach.

How fast is NASA Internet?

91 gigabits per second
The space organization’s shadow network, called ESnet, can transfer 91 gigabits per second, or 91,000 megabits per second.

What state has the fastest internet speed?

The District of Columbia retains the top spot for fastest wireline internet in the country at 28.1 megabits per second, according to content delivery network Akamai’s latest State of the Internet Report. The fastest state is Delaware with an average speed of 25.2 Mbps.

What is considered a good WiFi speed?

A good Internet speed is typically over 20 to 25 Mbps download and perhaps 5 Mbps upload. A good WiFi speed is generally over 100 Mbps instantaneous but can be significantly higher especially on 5 GHz .

Is 36 Mbps fast?

A connection of 36 Mbps is very fast. In fact, most home users would encounter difficulty “maxing out” the connection at the full 36 Mbps, even on bandwidth-heavy Internet usage such as downloading full-length movies, Internet hosting and online gaming.

How many MB is 100 Mbps?

To convert 100 Megabits/Second to Megabytes/Second you have to multiply 100 by 0.125, since 1 Megabit/Second is 0.125 Megabytes/Second. The result is the following: 100 Mbps × 0.125 = 12.5 MBps 100 Mbps = 12.5 MBps