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How do you write the vote of thanks for your annual day function?

How do you write the vote of thanks for your annual day function?

We wish to thank our chief guest Mr/Mrs…………………., (Profession) ,(Place) ,an eminent educationist for kindly accepting our invitation and presiding over this ….. parents day of ………………………… (School name) at (Place name) . Thank you sir, for being with us today and for your valuable message.

How do teachers write the vote of thanks?

We want to thank all our students for co-operating with us in making this Teacher’s day a memorable one for everyone. Dear friends let us respect our teachers for their sacrifice in making everyone of us a great personalities for the future.

How do I give a vote of thanks for a seminar?

A special thanks to the organizing committee, teaching and non teaching staff for their unflinching support and coordination. Our heartfelt thanks to our students for active participation. With these warm words and a kind message, we move to the end of today’s seminar. Thank you.

How do you write a thank you speech for an event?

To write a good thank you speech for an event, you need to prioritize your expressions and people you are thankful for. Brevity is the key to an impactful speech. The speech should have all the elements and still be interesting. Start with general salutations and add a story for a unique take.

Why do we give thanks on school annual day?

On the recollection of so many great favour and blessings, we now with a high sense of gratitude, offer up our sincere thanks to the almighty, the creator and the preserver.

What do we thank the Lord for in thanksgiving?

“Thanksgiving has wings and goes where it must go. Your prayer knows much more about it than you do.” First and foremost, we thank the Lord Almighty who has designed and refreshed our souls with a sweet stream of blessings. His unfailing love keeps us march forwards towards better tomorrow.

How to say thank you for school annual day?

Thank you, dear teachers, your impact on us is everlasting. We are indebted to the members of the non-teaching faculty, undoubtedly your contributions in various aspect of today’s event made a difference. Thank you for your unflinching support. If pains when they are far away. But they all in your thoughts always”.

What are the words of gratitude for school annual day?

A delightful evening to everyone present here, on behalf of all, we deem it a great honour and privilege to stand before you to propose the words of gratitude for being with us this evening and making us feel proud and more than above your love for us. “Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions.