How do you write exclusive or?

How do you write exclusive or?

The symbol , sometimes written as >< or as >-<. In IEC symbology, an exclusive or is marked “=1”.

What is an XAND?

The XAND Gate stands for “exclusive and” referring to its architecture as a logic gate wherein a positive output is only achieved if both inputs are equal. The XAND gate works synonymously as the XNOR gate, also called the equivalence gate. Logic gates are widely applicable, and commonly found in modern electronics.

Why XOR is called exclusive or?

XOR is an “exclusive OR” because it only returns a “true” value of 1 if the two values are exclusive, i.e. they are both different. By “different” you mean one of them is true and the other is false . So, they are different from each other.

Does order matter for XOR?

Important properties of XOR This is clear from the definition of XOR: it doesn’t matter which way round you order the two inputs. This means that XOR operations can be chained together and the order doesn’t matter. This means that any value XOR’d with zero is left unchanged.

Is XOR same as NAND?

NAND: NAND gate is formed by a combination of the NOT and AND gates. NAND gate gives an output of 0 if both inputs are 1, otherwise 1. XOR: XOR gate or Exclusive-OR gate is a special type of logic gate which gives 0 as output if both of the inputs are either 0 or 1, otherwise it gives 1.

Is exclusive or commutative?

XOR is both commutative ( e.g. a × b = b × a.) and associative (i.e. ( a × b ) × c = a × ( b × c ) ), and also the identities X ^ X == 0 and X ^ 0 = X holds true.

What is XOR and XAND?

XOR: One or another, but not both. XAND: One and another, but not one. So, XAND is true when and only when both inputs are equal, either if the inputs are 0/0 or 1/1.

What is XOR of two same numbers?

To find XOR of more than two numbers, represent all numbers in binary representation, add 0’s before if necessary. To find each bit of XOR just calculate number of 1’s in the corresponding bits. If it is even or zero then that XOR’ed bit is 0. If it is odd then that XOR’ed bit is 1.