How do you say you are having a wishing well?

How do you say you are having a wishing well?

Wishing Well wording options

  1. Wishing Well. We’ve collected most things over the years.
  2. Wishing Well. Soon we are to be Mr & Mrs,
  3. Wishing Well. More than just kisses so far we’ve shared,
  4. Wishing Well. To save you looking, shopping or buying.
  5. Wishing Well.
  6. Wishing Well.
  7. Wishing Well.
  8. Wishing Well.

What do you write in a wishing well?

Ideas and examples for how you should word your wedding wishing well

  • More than just kisses,
  • You are probably thinking of a present you’ll need to bring,
  • Many of our guests have enquired.
  • Soon you will hear our wedding bells,
  • We made a commitment,
  • We hope you can join us on.
  • If you were thinking of giving a gift.

How do you ask for money in a wishing well?

We really hope you can join in the fun. A wishing well we thought would be great, but only if you wish to participate. A gift of money is placed in the well, then make a special wish, but do not tell! Please do not be offended by our request, as our day is complete having you as a guest.

Are wishing wells tacky?

Wishing well is also a term for a cash box, essentially, that couples put out at the wedding and then expect guests to fill with money. That is tacky and rude.

How do you wish someone well?

Get Well Wishes

  1. Feel better soon!
  2. Hope you feel better soon.
  3. Hoping you find strength with each new day.
  4. Have a speedy recovery!
  5. I hope each new day brings you closer to a full and speedy recovery!
  6. May good health envelop you, spurring a quick recovery.
  7. Thinking of you lots and hoping for your speedy recovery.

Is a wishing well for money?

More and more couples choose to hold a wishing well wedding, which is a charming way of asking for cash instead of gifts.

Why are wishing wells a thing?

A wishing well is a term from European folklore to describe wells where it was thought that any spoken wish would be granted. The idea that a wish would be granted came from the notion that water housed deities or had been placed there as a gift from the gods.

How much should I put in a wishing well?

While there’s no hard and fast rules on how much cash you should hand over to the bride and groom, the general consensus is somewhere between $100 and $300.

Is a wishing well Anonymous?

At some weddings, guests can remain anonymous as to avoid embarrassment. While other guests are happy to let the couple know how much they pitched in. However you decide to organise a wishing well at your wedding, family, friends and guests will be happy to pitch in.