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How do you make bullet points more interesting?

How do you make bullet points more interesting?

Use a bold version of your font on the key word or key concept of each paragraph. Make sure what you highlight is one or no more than a few words – your text heavy slides will be even harder to read if large chunks of it are highlighted.

How do you organize bullets in Word?

Right-click, and then click Adjust List Indents. Change the distance of the bullet indent from the margin by clicking the arrows in the Bullet position box, or change the distance between the bullet and the text by clicking the arrows in the Text indent box.

What can I use instead of bullet points in design?

Bullet Point Alternatives

  • Clean, Simple Icons. One of the easiest ways to make a boring slide more interesting is to replace bullet points with clean, simple icons.
  • Diagram-based layouts.
  • Graphic Layouts.
  • Build-Up.
  • Break Out.

Should powerpoints have bullet points?

Using bullet points is a good way to create a balance between the visual and text elements of your PowerPoint presentation. They help in making slides visually appealing and add a dimension of design into the text, all while conveying the same message as a lengthy, text-heavy slide—but in fewer words.

How to create a bulleted list in PowerPoint?

Click the content placeholder. 2. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the arrow next to the Bullets button and select Bullets and Numbering. 3. In the Bullets and Numbering dialog box, click Picture. 4. In the Insert Pictures screen, under From a file, click Browse. 5.

Which is the best way to present a bulleted list?

Summary: Bullet points help break up large blocks of text, make complex articles and blog posts easier to grasp, and make key information stand out. Sometimes the best way to present information is in a bulleted list. Bulleted lists attract attention, support scanning, shorten text, and reveal the relationship of items.

How to create a bulleted style in word?

Not even Carlton supporters . The grown-up way to create bullets is to use a bulleted Style.One easy way to do that is to click on the Style box and select List Bullet. But first you need to tell Word to show you the List Bullet style in the list of styles. To tell Word to show you the List Bullet style in the list of styles, do the following.

How to create a bulleted list in SmartArt?

Choose list in the left pane. Select one of the list options by selecting it and clicking OK. In the text pane (to the left), highlight the template bullets and press [Ctrl]+V to copy the bulleted text from the Clipboard. At this point, you could consider yourself done, but this particular list has three subitems.