How do you get to kakslauttanen Arctic resort?

How do you get to kakslauttanen Arctic resort?

If you arrive by plane to Ivalo, the most convenient way to get to Kakslauttanen is to take our own airport transfer bus. Our driver will be there to greet you at the airport with a Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort sign and drive you directly to the resort. The trip will take approximately 30 minutes.

How much does it cost to stay at kakslauttanen Arctic resort?

A small glass igloo costs €435 euros, or about $512 dollars per night. For a bigger party, Kakslauttanen has accommodations that sleep up to six people. Its Kelo-Glass Igloos are a combination of a log cabin with a classic igloo. A Kelo-Glass Igloo costs €598 euros, or about $703 per night.

Is Kakslauttanen in the Arctic Circle?

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is an enchanting, otherworldly destination located 250 kilometres (150 miles) north of the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, just a four-hour drive from the Arctic Ocean. Since 1974, our family-run hotel has been offering year-round magical experiences in the pristine arctic wilderness.

In what country is the kakslauttanen Arctic resort located?

Finnish Lapland
Kakslauttanen is a family hotel in Finnish Lapland, 250 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. Although we are far from it all, our place is easy to reach.

What is the best month to see the northern lights in Finland?

The best time to see the northern lights in Finland is from December to March. During these months there are also plenty of fun winter activities for you to enjoy. So even if the weather isn’t on your side, you will still have an incredible time in Lapland.

What is the best time to visit Finland?

It depends on what you’d like to experience: for plenty of snow and winter activities, December to March is the best time. For springtime sun and the revival of nature after the winter, April to May is the period. For long and warm summer days and plenty of events, opt for June, July and August.

Can you sleep in an igloo in Iceland?

The Bubble Igloo is a concept where you can sleep in glass (or plastic) domes. With a view that makes everyone jealous. There are five kinds of bubbles, as they call them, to choose from. They are heated and have comfortable beds inside.

When can you see the Northern Lights in kakslauttanen?

Kakslauttanen is one of the best places in the world to see the magical glow of the Northern Lights. The season lasts from late August to late April. We provide the perfect opportunity for observing Aurora Borealis as the season is long, there is virtually no light pollution and very few trees obscuring the sky nearby.

Can you see the Northern Lights in Finland?

In Finland, nature’s most spectacular light show, the Aurora Borealis, can be viewed in a range of purpose-built spaces from glass igloos to luxury suites. The Northern Lights are visible on roughly 200 nights a year – or every other clear night – in Finnish Lapland.

Which is the best way to travel from Ivalo to Kakslauttanen?

The best way to get from Ivalo to Kakslauttanen without a car is to bus which takes 44 min and costs 3€ – 5€. How long does it take to get from Ivalo to Kakslauttanen? The bus from Ivalo to Kakslauttanen takes 44 min including transfers and departs twice daily.

Which is the closest airport to Kakslauttanen in Finland?

The closest airport to Kakslauttanen is Ivalo (IVL), which is just a 30-minute shuttle bus ride away. You can book your airport transfer at the same time as booking your stay. Ivalo is currently served by Finnair (from Helsinki all-year-round and London starting autumn 2017), Lufthansa (from Frankfurt) and Norwegian (from Helsinki).

Are there glass igloos at Kakslauttanen Arctic resort?

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What to do in Kakslauttanen in the summer?

Indulge in the cosy warmth of a log cabin while enjoying the sensational views of our glass igloos. Take in the enchanting beauty of the northern lights and the Lappish wilderness from the comfort of your own private hideaway. Arctic Summer is pure magic WATCH THE SUMMER VIDEO NextPrevious Scroll down kakslauttanen_arctic_resort