How do you get a job at Enterprise?

How do you get a job at Enterprise?

Rated as a top company to work for, Enterprise seeks applicants with necessary education and experience levels to fill positions. Qualified applicants must meet the minimal age requirement of 18 years old. Positions demand high school diplomas or equivalents with advanced education preferred.

Is Enterprise Rent a Car a good job?

Enterprise is a great place to gain experience in sales, customer service, recruiting, and management. The company promotes from within. Most can expect to work over 50-60 hours a week and get paid cheap because they have little to no experience. In some ways the company is organized like a pyramid scheme.

Is Alamo related to enterprise?

Alamo is a brand of Enterprise Holdings, which is owned by the Taylor family based in St. Louis, Missouri. The Taylors’ ties to car rentals go back to 1957, when Jack Taylor launched Executive Leasing with seven vehicles. The namesake Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers more locations and some extra perks.

Does Enterprise do drug test?

Does Enterprise do drug test? DRUG TESTING We will ask any applicants to consent to undergoing a drug test carried out by an authorized testing facility where they are initially hired as a Level II or above. Employment will be conditional on the successful passing of such test.

Does Enterprise get paid weekly?

Everyone is paid bi-weekly, including management.

Who is better Alamo or enterprise?

Outside of price, Enterprise wins as it has more perks, including cheaper excess and free pick-up, free early returns and free additional drivers. Alamo isn’t without some benefits though, including a wider range of cars, accepting cash as payment and price matching.

Where is Enterprise rental located?

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an American car rental company headquartered in Clayton, Missouri, United States in Greater St. Louis. In addition to car rental, Enterprise also oversees commercial fleet management, used car sales, and commercial truck rental operations.

What is the cheapest way to rent a car?

Look into long-term car rentals through travel websites that regularly offer deeply discounted prices. Some rental companies boast of offering the cheapest prices for everything from airfares to car rentals, so conduct a search on a number of third-party websites for the best two-month deal possible.

What is Enterprise Rent?

Enterprise rents a wide variety of vehicles that range from economy cars to exotic vehicles. It also rents commercial cargo vans, pickup trucks and box trucks under the Enterprise Truck Rental brand.

How much does it cost to rent a car rental?

A standard car, or also known as a full-sized car, can cost about $55 to $80 per day. These cars offer more room and are larger such as a Chevrolet Impala . Luxury cars, which are similar to your Lexus or sports cars, can cost more than $100 per day.