How do you calculate predicted marathon time?

How do you calculate predicted marathon time?

It’s based on a formula originally devised by Pete Riegel, a research engineer and marathoner, and has been widely used for over 20 years. The formula is T2 = T1 x (D2/D1) 1.06 where T1 is the given time, D1 is the given distance, D2 is the distance to predict a time for, and T2 is the calculated time for D2.

What will my 10K time be?

Most runners who are reasonably fit and clock about 15 to 30 miles per week can expect to finish a 10K race in 50 to 70 minutes. More advanced runners will usually finish in about 43 to 50 minutes.

How long to train from 10K to marathon?

16 to 20 weeks
How long will it take to go from 10k to a marathon? The general advice for marathon training is to set aside at least 16 to 20 weeks to train.

What does 10K mean in marathon?

ten kilometres
The 10K run is a long-distance road running competition over a distance of ten kilometres (6.2 miles). Also referred to as the 10K road race, 10 km, or simply 10K, it is one of the most common types of road running event, alongside the shorter 5K and longer half marathon and marathon.

What is an elite 10K time?

Preference will be given to athletes who have qualifying times at the distance they wish to run (e.g., marathon qualifying time for marathon elite entry)….Qualifying Standards.

Distance Male Female
Marathon 2:35:00 3:00:00
Half marathon 1:13:00 1:25:00
10K 38:00 45:00
5K 18:00 22:00

Is 3 hours 30 a good marathon time?

The world record for marathon times are 2:01:39 for men and 2:15:25 for women. Indeed, only the top 5 per cent of runners complete marathons in under three hours . So unless you’re a professional runner, three hours or less would make for a very good marathon time.

Is there a 10K race time prediction calculator?

It is adjusted for distance, so your 10K time prediction isn’t just double your 5K time, but there are things to note before using the calculator: 1. It assumes you’ve done appropriate training for the distance.

Is there a time predictor for a marathon?

Too fast and you’ll hit the wall, too slow and you’ll leave time out on the course. That’s where this marathon time predictor comes in. Like our main race time predictor, it’ll convert your recent race results into a predicted result for the marathon that you’re about to run.

How to calculate running time for a half marathon?

To be sure you’re using the running time calculator properly, let’s go together through the example below: Fill in the distance of recent race result: say, it was a half marathon, D₁ = 22km. Type the time which you have achieved on that distance: It was T₁ = 1h 57min 26s – not bad! Choose the new distance you want to run: I like long runs!

What should my 10K and half marathon results be?

Your 10k result may be 43 minutes. And your half marathon result may be 1hr 40 mins. Based on your 5k, your 10k should be 41:40. Based on your 5k, your half marathon should be just over 1 hr 32 mins. Based on your 10k, your half marathon should be just under 1 hr 35 mins. See what is happening? The 10k is too slow based on the 5k results.