How do you adjust a Bosch warming regulator?

How do you adjust a Bosch warming regulator?

If you think it needs adjustment, as with the main regulator body, tap the post outwards from the inside, so that adjustment consists of tapping it inwards from outside later. This will reduce cold start pressure reduction, so if the engine is COLD, or ambient temperature is low, starting may be a problem.

What are the advantages of electronic fuel injection?

Since EFI engines deliver air and fuel with better accuracy than a carburetor engine, they generally produce fewer emissions to go along with the improvement in fuel efficiency. Atomization of fuel also helps burn the fuel more completely.

What is a fuel distributor?

The Fuel Distributor meters the fuel based on engine demand (air flow), temperature, load, and emissions tuning. It also distributes the fuel to the 6 pressure-activated fuel injectors. Fuel flow is continuous, as opposed to being pulsed on and off as in modern Electronic systems.

What is a warm up regulator?

The warm-up regulator PN 102353 [WUR], also known as the control pressure regulator, generates a secondary fuel pressure that sits on top of the plunger in the fuel distributor to offer resistance to its movement. This control pressure varies with ambient/coolant temperature.

How do you adjust K on Jetronic?

There is a small hole in the top of the air cleaner box. Carefully insert a long #3 Allen bit into this hole. Pressing down and turning will adjust the mixture (counter clockwise is lean, clockwise is rich). Make your adjustments slowly, no more than a quarter turn at a time.

Where is the pressure regulator on the K-Jetronic?

The lower connection hose is attached to the pipe that is connected to the K-Jetronic fuel distributor control input. There is also a 12V power socket on the top of the CPR. It is connected to a bimetal plate heater that is located inside and used to regulate the fuel pressure.

How does a K-Jetronic fuel system work?

K-Jetronic fuel systems have an electric safety circuit which prevents the electric fuel pump and other electrical devices from operating unless the engine is running or being started. The electric safety circuit can be bridged to apply voltage to any electrical component without running or starting the engine.

How to use the K-Jetronic-rennlist workshop manual?

K-Jetronic Porsche Always use new gaskets, seals and 0-rings when installing components or fuel lines. When installing the mixture control unit, tighten the fastening screws uniformly. Whenever work is performed on the fuel injection system, the idle and CO must be adjusted. How to use this manual.

Why is my Bosch K Jetronic not working?

K Jetronic is a simple system really, but it needs every part of it running correctly to run well. If the flow test failed there are only a couple of things it could be. First, the fuel filter could be blocked. This is particularly common in older cars that have steel tanks.