How do I use 40404?

How do I use 40404?

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to Twitter.
  2. Click the Settings link in the top navigation bar.
  3. Click Phone&IM.
  4. Enter your phone number in the field provided.
  5. Wait for the verification code to pop up and text it to Twitter at 5566511 (for India). In the US, use 40404. In Canada, use 21212. Anywhere else, use +44 7624 801423.

How can I get free news SMS on mobile?

One can register for the service either by sending an SMS in the format AIR to 7738299899 or by filling up online form at The language codes are GJ-Gujarati, AS-Assamese, TM-Tamil, ML-Malayalam, HI-Hindi, MH-Marathi, DO-Dogri, SK-Sanskrit, NP-Nepali and EN-English.

How can I receive tweets via SMS?

It’s a simple idea, really. By way of SMS on any phone in the United States, you can get alerts from anyone on Twitter. This is true even if you don’t have a Twitter account. All you have to do is text “follow TWITTERNAME” to Twitter’s shortcode, 40404, and you will start getting realtime updates.

Can you still text 40404?

The ability to tweet via text was important to Twitter in the service’s early days, but it’s more of a legacy feature at this point since most people rely on the smartphone app. The feature still exists, though, allowing you to text a number, such as 40404, and have that message posted to your account.

What is 40404?

Send GO from your phone as a text message to 40404. You’ll receive a text message from Twitter confirming that your device has been verified and SMS alerts have been enabled. Now you can choose to have text-message notifications on or off, or to receive direct messages only.

How can I send PDU SMS?

First of all, to send sms when modem is in pdu mode, you must send these commands: AT+CMGS= , where length is (length of PDU binary string – 2) / 2. When ‘>’ symbol appears you must send your pdu and ctrl+z character (char.