How do I review articulate 360?

How do I review articulate 360?

Open your project in Review 360, click the Share tab in the upper right corner of the screen, and uncheck the box to Allow users without Articulate IDs to comment. Then copy the shareable link and send it to your reviewers. If they don’t already have Articulate IDs, they can create one here. It’s free.

What is articulate365?

Articulate 360 is an all-inclusive subscription offering that simplifies every aspect of e-learning course development. It includes every single authoring tool Articulate makes, including a brand-new app for creating gorgeous, inherently responsive courses.

What can rise 360 do?

Rise 360 is a web app that lets you create beautiful, fully-responsive courses fast. Rise 360 courses use the latest web technologies, so they automatically adapt to any device, no extra work required. Rise 360 is responsive authoring the way it should be.

What is the difference between replay 360 and PEEK 360?

Recording using Replay 360 is just like doing a recording in Storyline (2 or 360) but unlike Peek, once you’ve recorded via Replay you’ll have several editing options: Cut: removes a section of the recording and joins either end of the cut section. Delete: removes a section of the recording but leaves a gap.

What is included in storyline 360?

Articulate 360 includes several award-winning authoring tools, a new responsive-authoring app, screencasting apps, an ever-growing library of course assets, an online tool for review and collaboration, and exclusive training webinars by industry experts.

How does review 360 help you manage feedback?

With Review 360, you’ll always stay in sync. With Review 360, I don’t have to spend time creating a spreadsheet to manage feedback. I just send stakeholders a link and the tool does the rest for me. Reduce confusion and rework with in-context comments. Screenshots accompany all comments.

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How many customer service reviews are there for 360training?

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