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How do I reset my Fitbit charge to factory settings?

How do I reset my Fitbit charge to factory settings?

1 Factory Reset

  1. Plug in your Fitbit Charge and connect it to a USB port.
  2. Press the button on your tracker and hold.
  3. Wait seven to nine seconds.
  4. Press the button.
  5. Press the button.
  6. Press the button again.
  7. Press the button again.
  8. As you let go of the button, your tracker will turn off.

Why is my Fitbit not showing texts?

Why are notifications delayed or missing? Your phone must be within 30 feet of your Fitbit device to receive notifications. You won’t see text notifications if you have the conversation open on your phone. You won’t see notifications if you turned on settings such as do not disturb or driving mode on your phone.

Can I use a Fitbit I found?

If you found your lost tracker near a local business, you may wish to submit it to their lost and found. Otherwise, we suggest recycling this Fitbit at a local electronics recycling facility.

How do I get my Fitbit off my phone?

Remove the device from your Fitbit account. Tell your phone to “forget” your device, removing the connection between the phone and the Fitbit device. On your phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth and find your Fitbit device in the list. Find an option to forget the device.

How do you erase data on Fitbit Ace 2?

Open the Settings app > Clear User Data. If you don’t see the option to Clear User Data, close the Settings app and reopen it while Ace 2 is connected to the charger. When prompted, press the screen for 3 seconds and release. When your tracker vibrates and the clock screen appears, your data is erased.

What to do when your Fitbit goes bad?

Be sure to press the button for at least 10 seconds. Return the cover to the battery compartment and press down until it’s secure. On your device, open the Settings app > About > Clear User Data. On your device, open the Settings app > About > Factory Reset.

Is there a way to erase a Fitbit Flyer?

Erase Fitbit Flyer to clear all paired devices from memory and set the language for voice prompts and notifications to English. After erasing Flyer, pair the headphones to any device you want to use. For more information about pairing devices to Flyer, see How do I connect Flyer to my audio devices?