How do I report a faulty landline?

How do I report a faulty landline?

Opt to call the customer service line on your phone bill using an online calling service or another person’s phone in order to report directly that your phone line is fault. Request a service order so that they will be sure to respond to your service call promptly. Check your phone after the service call.

How do I report a fault with Eircom?

If you would like to report a fault, please call us on 1901.

How do I report a phone fault to EIR?

Please chat to one of our agents or call us on 1901 from a mobile or another landline to notify us as your line may be showing active on our system.

How do I contact EIR customer service?

For more on this please contact eir. Contact us on 1901 Mon-Fri (8am – 6pm) or visit www.eir.ie to speak to our Webchat team Mon-Fri 7am to 10pm and Sat & Sun 9am to 6pm. Click here to download our handy guide with all the above information.

How do I cancel my Telkom Mobile contract?

Once you’re logged in to your Telkom profile, select ‘ Manage My Accounts. ‘ Click on the applicable account to view your existing Telkom subscriptions. Then select the ‘ Cancel your services ‘ option on any products which you want to cancel.

How do I contact Telkom?

Corporate Customer Care:

  1. Telkom Mobile: 200.
  2. Telkom fixed line: 0800 200 000.
  3. Other Networks: 020 4600 200.
  4. Email: – [email protected].

Where can I find the Telkom fault number?

Below you will find all Telkom and Telkom Mobile fault numbers. If it’s an ADSL fault you’re struggling with, consider migrating your ADSL line to an ISP that offers ADSL bundles as they will attend to the fault on your behalf (and you’ll save money on your internet bill).

When do I see a new fault on my EIR?

If you have a query relating to an open or closed fault, you can view the status of your fault in my eir. Faults are visible in my eir for 7 days after they are closed. If you need to log a new fault you can do so in our log a fault form.

Why are my phone lines down with Eir?

@poachersInn SO annoyed with Eir ! our phone lines are down due to to a problem on their side and all I’ve been told is they will log it and they said they would be charging me for diverting the call to my mobile, which is their problem We are a restaurant trying to open and take bookings !

Who is working on the Eircom land line?

Eircom who own the line are working on it. Vodafone will get an update at 12 o clock as to the progress if it’s not fixed by then. @jetstokesphoto @eircare my land line and internet are not working . The same as my neighbours who use eir please can you advise a repair time as it’s clearly your error and not mine