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How do I protect my oakleaf hydrangea from deer?

How do I protect my oakleaf hydrangea from deer?

How to Stop Deer from Eating Hydrangeas

  1. Deer won’t eat this hydrangea variety.
  2. Use this deer repellent recipe.
  3. Soap up your landscape.
  4. Grow these plants near your hydrangeas.
  5. Use an electric fence around your hydrangeas.
  6. Cover your hydrangeas in deer netting.
  7. Keep a radio on in your hydrangea bush at night.

Which hydrangea is deer resistant?


Common Name Latin Name Rating
Bigleaf Hydrangea Hydrangea macrophylla C
Climbing Hydrangea Hydrangea anomala petiolaris C
Oakleaf Hydrangea Hydrangea quercifolia C
Panicle Hydrangea Hydrangea paniculata C

Will hydrangeas grow back if eaten by deer?

Will Hydrangeas Grow Back if Eaten by Deer? Yes! Luckily, hydrangeas are known to be resilient and they will therefore bloom right back even if deer end up munching on them. This is also because most deer only eat the upper parts of your beloved blooms.

What eats oak leaf hydrangea?

Beetles. Adult rose chafers and Japanese beetles eat hydrangea leaves and flowers, with Japanese beetles preferring oakleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia).

Are hydrangea deer resistant?

In general, hydrangeas are definitely not a favorite for deer. However, we would never consider hydrangeas deer resistant or deer proof. Taking additional measures to prevent deer from eating your beautiful shrubs doesn’t require a lot of work, and shouldn’t prevent you from trying to grow hydrangeas in your garden.

What do deer hate the smell of?

Deer have a heightened sense of smell, which they use to effectively find food. You can take advantage of this trait and repel deer by using smells they dislike, such as marigolds, putrescent egg solids, mint, wolf urine, tansy, garlic, thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary, and lavender.

Do deer eat black eyed Susans?

Named for their dark brown centers peeking out of the gold or bronze petals, black-eyed susans thrive in the sun. Because its covered in course hair, deer and rabbits stay far away from it.

What animal is eating my hydrangeas?

Common pests for hydrangeas are aphids, Japanese beetles, spider mites and slugs. Of course there are several other bugs and animals that could be contributing towards the demise of your plants as well.

Do ants eat hydrangeas?

To feed on the sap, these soft-bodied insects will usually attack new growths because they’re much easier to penetrate. Ants on your hydrangeas can also indicate an underlying aphid problem because ants like to feed on the honeydew left behind by aphids.

Do deer eat aquatic plants?

Deer feed on many things including aquatic plants . These are plants the deer were eating. The seemed to be eating the broad-leaf plant pictured here. As I observed them feeding there were times when the does would submerge their noses and come up chewing a lot of plant material.

Do deer eat Rhodies?

Deer eat anything. Hosta, Holly, Hydranga, Rhodies, and Day Lillies are favorites for deer in Westchester County , NY. Arborvide is another of their favorites. They don’t seem to like Boxwoods, Spiraea , or Inkberries and leave them alone.

Do Dears eat fern?

Deer will eat anything in the perennial garden if they are hungry enough. However, a garden composed of deer proof flowers, ferns, and ornamental grass plants will have greatly reduced or insignificant damage. Read More about Deer Resistant Plants

Will deer eat oleander bushes?

An evergreen shrub that can grow up to 20 feet tall, oleander has attractive white, red, pink or yellow blossoms in spring and early summer. The plant is poisonous to deer, and deer instinctively avoid it . (Note: It also is poisonous to humans, so avoid it if you have children.)