How do I get rise hint in Persona 4?

How do I get rise hint in Persona 4?

You need to find something out about Rise to help Teddie locate her. To unlock her dungeon: Go to Practice Build 2F at school and talk to the Risette Fan. This is the chubby studdy near the Washroom and Art Room.

Where can I find rise in Persona 4 Golden?

How to find info on Rise?

  1. go to the Practice Building 2F, speak with the Risette Fanboy (the chubby guy)
  2. go to Marukya Tofu and speak with Rise’s Grandmother (she’s not visible, just click action on the shop).
  3. Talk to the Kind Man in the Samegawa Flood Plain.

How long do you have to rescue rise?

A good guess is about two weeks from the kidnapping. But the best assumption is when you see a bunch of umbrellas next to each day during the weather forecast. Once the consecutive rainy days end, that is when it’s too late.

What floor is rise on Persona 4?

Floor 11
Rise and her Shadow are both found on Floor 11.

How do you start a hanged man in Persona 4?

From June 8, you’ll be able to find Naoki on the first floor of your school. Speak to him, and then keep coming back to him daily. After returning to speak to him several times in a row, this social link initiates.

Where is rise Persona 4 after school?

You can hang out with Rise Kujikawa on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. She’s not available on rainy days. Rise can be found in the Classroom Building 1F on weekdays, while on holidays and weekends she hangs out in the South Shopping District.

What makes the King of Hearts look different?

Q: Tell me what makes the king of hearts look different from the other kings in a standard deck of cards? A: He has no mustache.

What level should I be to save rise Persona 4?

Anywhere around 30 is generally good enough. Be aware that there’s two boss fights in a row though. For the next dungeon you’ll probably need to be in the mid to late 40s to finish it though… so, grind away if you so desire.

Can you romance Naoto in Persona 4?

Naoto is also a character you can romance, pursuing a lovers’ path relationship with her. …

How many floors is rise Palace?

The building’s 40 floors house a total of 254 units with floor plans ranging from nearly 1,000 square feet to over 3,000 square feet.

How many floors does rise have?

Aside from that and Marukyu, all the dungeons are 10 floors or less.

Where is hanged Persona 4?

Spend time with Naoki Konishi on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, except when it’s raining. Konishi can be found in the first floor of the main school building, and in the North side of the shopping district on holidays.

Where to talk to Risette in Persona 4 Golden?

The first person you should speak to is the Hardcore Risette Fan in Yasogami High School. This person is a chubby kid on the Practice Building 2F. Next, head to the Shopping District, South and talk to Rise’s grandmother inside Marukyu Tofu.

Is the Shadow rise fight easy Persona 4 Golden?

Shadow Rise is actually one of the easier boss fights in Persona 4 Golden, but the encounter can be a little tricky if you’re not entirely sure what to do. The fight will start with her trying to analyze each of your party members and attempting to hit their weaknesses.

Where do you get the Risette Trophy in Persona 4?

You can’t do much about this trophy until the Void Quest dungeon, which is the 4th dungeon in the game. This is the first dungeon Rise will be supporting you in battle. However, do not raise Rise’s social link past Rank 1 before Void Quest.

Who are the main characters in Persona 4?

Rise, one of the main characters in Persona 4, participates in battle but is not actually a combatant. Instead, she supports the party from afar, offering advice and comments throughout each battle. For the purpose of the achievement, a ‘navigation line’ is a line stated during a battle by Rise, and the line is accompanied by subtitle text.