How do I email a scroll invitation?

How do I email a scroll invitation?

  1. Go to a mail supply store and purchase small boxes or tubes that fit the length and width of your scrolls.
  2. Fill the boxes or the scrolls with faux flower petals or confetti/confetti strips that match the theme of your event.
  3. Seal the containers with clear packing tape.

What is a wedding scroll?

The Asian Scroll Wedding Invites are also known as “Farman” portrays royal class invitation and style. Scroll Wedding Invitations are statement of style and fashion and creates first impression of the royal wedding event.

What is scroll paper?

A scroll, or rotulus, or roll, is a length of papyrus, leather, parchment, or paper, on which writing is preserved and which is stored in a rolled form. An opisthographic roll is one written on both sides, either originally or in the process of re-using the blank outer side of an older scroll.

What to put on a box scroll invitation?

Pressed or stamped designs are an emerging trend that is a favourite amongst young couples. Popular embossed images include a religious figure or symbols and flowers. Compliment your box scroll invitation with an attractive box. This can be flat, hard or customized to suit your taste.

Do you get free printing on scroll invitations?

FREE OFFER : Complimentary free text printing are being offered with every order (minimum 100 pcs) of Wedding & Party Invitations. Simply royal and elegant, scroll wedding invitation uses scroll motifs for the design along with classic script font for the bride,groom’s names and other detailing.

What do you call an Asian scroll wedding invitation?

The Asian Scroll Wedding Invites are also known as “Farman” portrays royal class invitation and style. The main thing that anyone looks for in the perfect wedding invitation is one that gets attention and the best way of getting people’s attention is by presenting them an scroll wedding invitations.

Are there any scroll wedding cards in India?

At Indian Wedding Card, we have an exclusive range of Box Scroll Invitation cards. These range from modern and contemporary to classic and traditional. We understand how meaningful it is to be able to customize your wedding card. As a result, our box scroll can be adapted to your liking.