How do I check my prize bond results?

How do I check my prize bond results?

The purchaser of the Prize Bond can check out the online search bar available on the page. You just have to select the denomination of amount, enter the prize bond number in the respective bar, select series search, and submit. You will get the prize bond list result online instantly for your number.

What is the last date for 15000 Prize Bond?

June 30, 2021
The last date for encashment or conversion of Rs 15,000 denomination was June 30, 2021, while, May 31, 2021 was for Rs. 25,000 and Rs 40,000 denomination prize bonds.

What is the validity of prize bond?

six years
What is the validity period of a prize bond? A prize bond remains valid till the scheme termination. What is the valid time period for claiming a prize? Maximum time period to avail the prize is six years from the date of draw.

What is the prize of 100 bond?

1st prize of the 100 Rs. prize bond of value 700,000 PKR is awarded to 1 lucky winner, while second prize of the 100 prize bond of amount Rs. 200,000 is awarded to 3 lucky winners. The third prize of the 100 prize bond is given to 1199 winners of amount Rs.

How can I win prize bond?

The first tip is you should buy a complete series of prize bonds before the date of a lucky draw result announcement and then there will be a chance to win the competition at least you will get a chance to win one or two rewards. Then you can also get a money-back by selling the remaining serials to the bank.

Is saving certificate Halal?

Islamic Certificates. Islamic Savings Certificate (ISC) is a range of “Investment for profit” Halal products with fixed maturities. Investments can be made with wide range options from 1 month to 5 years term with various profit payout frequencies.

Which is the winner of Rs.15000 Prize Bond?

Rs. 15000 Prize Bond Draw and Rs. 15000 Prize Bond Results. Check the Schedule of Rs. 15000 Prize bond also read latest updates and news about National Savings Rs. 15000 Prize Bond. You can search winning numbers below, or click on the Rs. 15000 Draw result by date below. The schedule of coming draws is given on this page. 15000 Rs. 15000 Rs.

How to check the result of Prize Bond draw?

The best part is that if you won a prize in old draws you can also do the prize bond list 15000 online check and can see the prize bond 15000 list. The 15000 prize bond result is updated on our website as soon as National Savings announce the winners of Rs 15000 prize bond draw.

Which is the lucky draw for the 15000 bond?

The Lucky draw months for the prize bond Rs. 15000 are as follows: The lucky draw for the prize bond of Rs. 15000 are held at the start of the month. 1st prize with one winner has the amount of Rs. 30,000,,000. 2nd prize with the three winners has the amount of Rs. 10,000,000.

Which is the Prize Bond List for 2020?

By utilizing the 15000 prize bond list 2020 or prize bond 15000 list, you can check out the draw results. The best part is that if you won a prize in old draws you can also do the prize bond list 15000 online check and can see the prize bond 15000 list.