How do I check my Maxis usage?

How do I check my Maxis usage?

Maxis on Twitter: “@MattNazym Hi, you can check data usage by dialling *136*9#.

What is bill Itemised in Maxis?

What is Itemized Billing? An itemized bill is a type of bill which gives you the details of each call charge in your monthly bill. Thus, Itemized billing will give you a detailed listing of call charges in your monthly Statement of Account. The monthly fee for this service is RM10/line.

What is bill Itemised?

An itemised bill is part of call detail records, also known as traffic data, and is provided by telecommunications providers to customers as part of their account information. The itemised bill lists the individual calls made and provides tariff information.

What is bill Summarised?

A summary bill is an invoice that combines many accounts onto a single document, enabling a single payment each month. This helps keep the lights on and keep costs down. However, while summary billing simplifies the life of an Accounts Payable division, it’s not necessarily best for everyone.

Why my Maxis bill negative?

Why do I have a negative or inverted bracket at my amount due? When you see a negative or inverted bracket at your ‘Amount Due’ column, this means you have overpaid. Not to worry, this negative or inverted amount will be used to offset your following months bill.

What is Maxis JomPay Biller Code?

Yes, you can pay online using JomPay. Maxis’ Biller Code is 1123.

What can you see on an Itemised phone bill?

Your phone bill contains itemised information on the fees incurred from the use of the subscription….Itemised phone bills

  • local calls and long-distance calls;
  • international calls and mobile network calls;
  • subscriber connection basic rates;
  • SMS, picture messages and other messages;
  • data transfer services.

What is Maxis JomPAY Biller Code?

Do Itemised phone bills show incoming calls?

The itemisation includes received calls and text messages only if they have been charged for. Calls made to free-of-charge numbers and free text messages do not show on the itemisation.