How do I add a radio button to a macro in Excel?

How do I add a radio button to a macro in Excel?

VBA OptionButton_Control on the UserForm

  1. Go To Developer Tab and then click Visual Basic from the Code or Press Alt+F11.
  2. Go To Insert Menu, Click UserForm.
  3. Drag the Frame and two Option Button controls on the Userform from the Toolbox.
  4. Select Frame and change its properties as follows.

How do I insert a radio button in Excel?

Here are the steps to insert a radio button in Excel:

  1. Go to Developer Tab –> Controls –> Insert –> Form Controls –> Option Button.
  2. Hover the mouse anywhere in the worksheet.
  3. Congratulations!
  4. In the Format Control dialogue box, in the Control tab, make the following changes:
  5. Click OK.

How do I use buttons in VBA?

Press the Insert button found in the Controls section. Select the Button Form Control from the menu. Right click and hold the mouse then drag and release to create your button. The Assign Macro window will pop up and you can select the VBA procedure you want to run from the button.

How do I use the command button in VBA?

Add a command button (ActiveX control)

  1. On the Developer tab, in the Controls group, click Insert, and then under ActiveX Controls, click Command Button .
  2. Click the worksheet location at which you want the upper-left corner of the command button to appear.
  3. In the Controls group, click View Code.

How do I create a button in Excel without macros?

Re: Excel 2016 creating button functions without using VBA / Macros

  1. Click the dropdown arrow on the right hand side of the Quick Access Toolbar.
  2. Select ‘More Commands…’ from the dropdown menu.

Where do I find the radio button in Excel?

Radio Button in excel, also known as Option Button in excel is available in the Developer menu tab in Insert option. The radio button can be used for Excel and VBA Macro both. Radio Button is used when we have multiple options to select and out of them selecting one option is allowed.

How do I make the radio button bigger in Excel?

Now, right click on the snapshot of the Radio Button and click ‘Assign Macro’ option. Next, select the created macro and click ‘Ok’. Do this for all the snapshots of the Radio Buttons. From now on, when you click on the snapshot, you could see the returned value.

How do I add camera to my radio button in Excel?

All options are displayed alphabetically and scroll down till you see ‘Camera’ option. Select ‘camera’ option and click on ‘Add’ button. It gets added to the ‘Customize Quick Access Toolbar’. Click ‘Ok’ and you could see that Camera icon being added to Excel. Now, in this step lets us create the normal Radio Buttons which Excel provides us.

How do you assign a macro to a button?

On the Developer tab, in the Controls group, click Insert, and then under Form Controls, click Button. Click the worksheet location where you want the upper-left corner of the button to appear. The Assign Macro popup window appears. Assign a macro to the button, and then click OK.