How do I activate the pillar of sacrifice?

How do I activate the pillar of sacrifice?

Lead any non-essential follower to the shrine and activate command mode (holding ‘use’ or via the “I need you to do something” conversation option). Highlight the pillar and you should see “Use the Pillar of Sacrifice”. Tell them to do this and they will move towards it and be pulled in and stuck to it.

Can you use the pillar of sacrifice more than once?

It’s possible to tell a companion/follower to use the pillar again after the completion of the quest BUT the only way to remove them is by killing them and Boethiah does not appear again using the follower as a conduit, leaving the Dragonborn with one less follower and disappointment.

Can you sacrifice essential followers to Boethiah?

Simply look at the shrine, and it should say “Activate sacrifical altar” or something along those lines. An animation should show your follower walking to it, and then being attached to it. From there, simply kill them by any means, the Sacrificial Dagger works, but is not required.

Who should I take to the pillar of sacrifice?

You can bring a follower from one of the various factions as well, but an initiate of the dark brotherhood won’t work here. Step 2)Direct the companion to use the pillar. Talk to the companion you brought along to sacrifice, and tell them you need them to do something.

Who should I lead to the pillar of sacrifice?

Who can I lead to the pillar of sacrifice?

How do I activate the pillars in Skyrim?

The pillar in the middle has fallen to the ground next to the lever. The correct sequence is: snake, snake, swordfish. Pull the lever once you’ve set this pattern to open the gate.

What happens when you use the pillar of sacrifice?

Getting a non-essential follower to use it will pull them in – it seems to have magnetic properties. Stabbing a follower with the Blade of Sacrifice while they are pulled in by the pillar will always result in a kill. When a follower is pulled in, a blue dome appears around them.

How to sacrifice someone before Boethiah in Skyrim?

The priestess will tell you that you need to gain someone’s trust and then sacrifice them before Boethiah. She will give you the Blade of Sacrifice to use for the deed. Lead any non- essential follower to the shrine and activate command mode (holding ‘use’ or via the “I need you to do something” conversation option).

How to use pillar of sacrifice in Boethiah’s calling?

Turns out that you have to use a non-essential follower (meaning that he/she can die). Dark brotherhood followers are invincible. I hired a merc from riften (there is one in windhelm too). After that, I told him to activate the pillar and after a little glitchy-ness on the part of the game’s AI pathfinder, my merc was trapped.

Why is knifepoint Ridge impossible to complete in Skyrim?

On entering Knifepoint Ridge, possibly due to having been there before beginning the quest, you may be presented with a wall of Iron Ore blocking your path to the remaining bandits and the Boethiah Cultist, making the quest impossible to complete. This bug is fixed by version 2.0.1 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.