How did the new Valentino collection look like?

How did the new Valentino collection look like?

Yet from a fashion standpoint, the collection looked more cohesive than usual: streamlined and with fewer of the decorative flourishes and certain hyperbolic gestures of couture. Of course, the language of couture is a fundamental signifier for Valentino.

When was the 45 year anniversary of Valentino?

In July 2007, Valentino celebrated 45 years of luxury in high style. The glitterati flocked to Rome for a three-day gala, during which they were treated to a retrospective at the ancient Ara Pacis, dinner at the Temple of Venus, an aerial ballet, and a grand ball at the Villa Borghese.

Who is the founder of Valentino fashion house?

For more than five decades, the house of Valentino has been a beacon of glamour, bathing its best-dressed clientele in the most scintillating of lights. From the start, its founder, Valentino Garavani, has worked by one simple precept: “I know what women want,” he once said.

When did Maria Grazia Chiuri take over Valentino?

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, the brand’s accessories designers, took the reins later in 2008, and subsequently turned on a new generation of “Val’s Gals.” “It’s the same elements, but with a new attitude,” Chiuri told Vogue.co.uk in 2009. “It is more cool, modern, contemporary,” Piccioli added, “very uptown goes downtown.”

Who was the male model in the Valentino resort collection?

Lucas El Bali was the male model who joined Boscono for the shoot. Piccioli has been exploring the gender equality theme for quite some time, giving it full exposure in his fall collection presented in Paris before the lockdown.

Why did Valentino do a street casting today?

If aesthetics can actually suggest something about one’s life, then today’s street casting was a celebration of the many diverse-looking people Piccioli wants to include in his narration.

Why did Valentino change their name to Valentino?

Choosing a venue at odds with Valentino’s typical optics, so deep-rooted in couture, signaled the bold stance Piccioli was taking in the re-definition of the house’s stylistic codes—a process he called re-signification. “I focused on working more on Valentino’s identity than on its aesthetics,” he reflected.