How big is a Mapex Meridian Maple drum kit?

How big is a Mapex Meridian Maple drum kit?

The supplied Meridian maple kit is one of four options currently available and, along with three of the four choices, is a five-piece set up. It is comprised of a 22″x18″ bass drum, 14″x5 1/2″ snare, 10″x8″ and 12″x9″ rack toms and a 14″x14″ floor tom.

How are the lugs attached to a Mapex Meridian?

The familiar Mapex oval-shaped design has been remodelled to something more along the lines of a curved, bullet-style lug. Each lug is attached to the shell by a single screw and metal-on-wood contact is prevented by the provision of moulded rubber grommets. These new lugs feature exclusively on the Meridian Series.

What is the SONIClear bearing edge on Mapex?

The latest game changer to emerge from Mapex’s higher-end kits, snares, and shell packs is the SONIClear Bearing Edge. This specialized edge allows heads to sit flatter and more evenly, promoting better contact between the shell and head.

What are the different types of Mapex Drums?

As such, the Meridian series is split into a selection of all-maple and all-birch kits. Mapex is keen to stress the new range of kits is more than a re-badging exercise, with plenty of new features and designs incorporated into the drums.

Which is better Mapex meridian or Mapex m?

The new hardware on Meridian drums are much better and Mapex’s new patented lugs are really impressive too and secure. Not to say the M Pro series weren’t that safe, I have a Meridian Maple and the hardware is really light, the only problem is the cymbal stand weight.

What kind of ply does the Mapex M Pro come in?

Then Mapex produced an all maple version briefly before switching to the M-Pro series, which does come in birch or maple. Now they have switched to the Meridian name for this general quality kit, and there seem to be several ply configurations available throughout the years.

Why does Mapex use its to mount toms?

Mapex reckons that the ITS is a less intrusive method of mounting toms, claiming that as it attaches to the lugs it can only maximise shell resonance. It’s certainly a sleek-looking piece of hardware that, unlike some alternatives, doesn’t add a great deal of bulk or weight to the drum.