How are hummocks formed?

How are hummocks formed?

Hummocks initially form by extensional faulting as a landslide begins to move. During motion, individual large blocks develop and spread, creating an initial distribution, with small hummocks at the landslide front and larger ones at the back. As the mass spreads, hummocks remain as discrete entities.

What does Hummock mean in a sentence?

1 : a rounded knoll or hillock. 2 : a ridge of ice.

What is the dictionary definition of hummock?

noun. a hillock; knoll. a ridge or mound of ice in an ice field. Also called: hammock mainly Southern US a wooded area lying above the level of an adjacent marsh.

What is the meaning of hummocky hills?

In geology, a hummock is a small knoll or mound above ground. They are typically less than 15 meters (50 ft) in height and tend to appear in groups or fields. An extremely irregular surface may be called hummocky. An ice hummock is a boss or rounded knoll of ice rising above the general level of an ice-field.

What are hummocks made of?

(1) [sea ice] a smooth hill of ice that forms on the sea ice surface from eroding ridges, particularly during the summer melt; the formation of hummocks is similar to young mountain peaks with steep slopes that erode into smooth, rolling hills.

What does refracts mean?

: to make (light) bend when it passes through at an angle Prisms refract light. refract. transitive verb. re·​fract | \ ri-ˈfrakt \

What does TUMP mean?

Tump: (intransitive verb) chiefly Southern: to tip or turn over especially accidentally —usually used with over.

What’s the meaning of barrows?

1 : mountain, mound —used only in the names of hills in England. 2 : a large mound of earth or stones over the remains of the dead : tumulus.

What is the definition of speculatively?

1 : involving, based on, or constituting intellectual speculation also : theoretical rather than demonstrable speculative knowledge. 2 : marked by questioning curiosity gave him a speculative glance. 3 : of, relating to, or being a financial speculation speculative stocks speculative venture.

What is a hummocky topography?

‘Hummocky topography’ is a non‐genetic, descriptive term applied to landscapes with irregular hills and depressions. This term implies that the hummocky topography was formed by the melt‐out and collapse of supraglacial till, during the melting of stagnant ice (Gravenor & Kupch, 1959, Boulton, 1972).