How accurate is the SCAR-H?

How accurate is the SCAR-H?

There’s nothing technically wrong with the rifle. It’s accurate, it functions and recoil is negligible. It’s just a question of how the thing feels and to me, it’s too bulky. There’s a lot of mass in that rifle, and moving it from one target to another (let alone manhandling it around a course) takes some effort.

Is the SCAR 17 A good gun?

Overall, the SCAR 17S is a solid, rugged design, and the weapon has a very nice feel and balance in the hands. Its light-profile 16.25-inch barrel features a 1:12 twist rate and a hard-chromed bore. An FN-marked PWS FSC muzzle brake comes standard.

Is SCAR better than AK?

AKM and SCAR-L are fantastic ARs, and both accept almost similar attachments. The former has greater hit damage but comes with a problematic recoil pattern, and is slower both in recoil timings and bullet speed. Overall, the AKM is for players who are accurate with an AR, and who can manage its recoil.

Which is better the scar 17 or the scar 16?

Street price on the SP10-16″ is about a full grand less than the street price of the SCAR 17S right now and that’s tough to beat.

Is the FN SCAR 16s a good rifle?

– Arizona Response Systems SCAR Review: FN SCAR-16S & SCAR-17S. This is the first rifle I’ve been excited over in years. I have a lot of experience with the FAL and think it is a great rifle, but it is 60 year old technology. Surely there is some tangible improvement?

Which is the best scar 17 sniper rifle?

The Scar 17, in my opinion, is the jack of all trades, master of none. Due to the pencil profile barrel and lack of consistency when warm and suppressed, I bought the Scar 13.5 inch barrel and SBR’d mine, and have much better results now.

Which is a better rifle the scar or the Garand?

The m1 Garand won a war a long time ago and is a cool rifle but the 30-06 is an inefficient caliber and was lost with the times. The scar is loved by marsoc for a reason. The scar has just been a great shooting rifle and love the function and feel of it.