Does the MetaShred diet work?

Does the MetaShred diet work?

I did a fair amount of research to try and figure out what looked like it might help me attain my goal, and settled on The MetaShred Diet. Did it work? Yes. Since the beginning of December 2017, I have lost 17 pounds following the 28 day plan.

What is the 21 day MetaShred?

You can find workouts employing all of these fat-torching techniques—plus four more—in THE 21-DAY METASHRED. It has nine 30-minute workouts that strip away fat and reveal hard muscle. Assume a pushup position with your feet together, your body straight, and your hands below but slightly wider than your shoulders.

What do you need to know about metashred extreme?

Gaddour and Men’s Health have added five innovative training tools to the METASHRED EXTREME program package that allow you to crank up metabolic stress and muscle activation using lighter loads. Here are the goods you’ll want in your gym bag: Get Shredded Now!

Is the 21 day metashred program a good program?

BJ Gaddour has created a solid program with 21 Day Metashred which is sure to have broad appeal to those seeking to expand their 30 minute workout collection. There are some issues that concern me however. The format of the program is very much cardio/circuit that uses weights to help burn fat.

Is the metashred diet a rapid fat loss program?

The MetaShred Diet is a rapid fat-loss program. Everything about it, from the mind-set you need to adopt to how you will manipulate your carbohydrate intake to how you will approach sleeping, is tailored to helping you peel off as much body fat as possible in 28 days.

How many calories can you burn doing metashred?

Each time you do a METASHRED workout, you can burn up to an extra 100 calories the next day — while you do nothing! — suggests new research from Louisiana State University. SHRED HARD. SHRED SMART! » THE 21-DAY METASHRED was created by Men’s Health Fitness Director BJ Gaddour, CSCS. He didn’t always look this way!