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Does Intune include Conditional Access?

Does Intune include Conditional Access?

In Intune, a device compliance policy is used in conjunction with Azure AD Conditional Access to block access to applications.

How do I set up Intune Conditional Access?

To create an app-based Conditional Access policy Select Endpoint security > Conditional access > New policy. Enter a policy Name, and then under Assignments, select Users and groups. Use the Include or Exclude options to add your groups for the policy, and select Done.

What are common ways to use Conditional Access with Intune?

Ways to use Conditional Access with Intune

  1. Conditional Access based on network access control.
  2. Conditional Access based on device risk.
  3. Conditional Access for Windows PCs. Both corporate-owned and bring your own device (BYOD).
  4. Conditional Access for Exchange on-premises.

What is Conditional Access in Intune?

Conditional access can be used to allow or block access to Exchange on-premises based on the device compliance policies and enrollment state. When conditional access is used in combination with a device compliance policy, only compliant devices are allowed access to Exchange on-premises.

How long do conditional access policies take to apply?

The other reason is that Authentication Policies can take up to 4 (!) hours to apply, although it’s often more like an hour. That is a long time to wait, and you just have to keep waiting and trying until it works – except if you did it wrong, you won’t know and you’ll keep waiting.

What license is required for conditional access?

All users who access an application with conditional access policy applied must have an Azure AD Premium license. Azure Active Directory Conditional access is a feature of Azure AD Premium. All users who access an application with conditional access policy applied must have an Azure AD Premium license.

What is a Conditional Access policy?

As explained in the article What is Conditional Access, a Conditional Access policy is an if-then statement, of Assignments and Access controls. A Conditional Access policy brings signals together, to make decisions, and enforce organizational policies. In this case, all policies that apply must be satisfied.

How do I make my device Intune compliant?

To manage the compliance policy settings, sign in to Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center and go to Endpoint security > Device compliance > Compliance policy settings. This setting determines how Intune treats devices that haven’t been assigned a device compliance policy.

How long do Conditional Access policies take to apply?

How do I make my device compliant Intune?

What are the three key elements of Conditional Access?

The Name section is straightforward enough, but let’s review the other three critical elements of Conditional Access: Assignments, Access controls and Enable policy.

In what order are Conditional Access policies applied?

In What Order Are Conditional Access Policies Applied? CA policies aren’t applied in any particular order. All matching policys apply and the resulting access controls required by the policies will be merged!

How to set up conditional access policies in InTune?

See Get started with device compliance policies in Intune. Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center. Select Devices > Conditional Access > Policies > New policy . Under Assignments, select Users and groups. On the Include tab, identify the users or groups that this Conditional Access policy applies to.

How to create a managed email account in InTune?

In Intune, select Devices > Compliance policies > Create policy. For Name, enter iOS compliance policy test. For Description, enter iOS compliance policy test. For Platform, select iOS/iPadOS. Select Settings > Email. Next to Require mobile devices to have a managed email profile, select Require.

How can I use Intune compliance policy to block access?

With Intune compliance policy that defines requirements for devices to be compliant, you can use a device’s compliance status to either allow or block access to your apps and services. You can do this by creating a Conditional Access policy that uses the setting Require device to be marked as compliant.

How does the outlook app work with Intune?

Outlook Cloud Service communicates with Azure AD to retrieve Exchange Online service access token for the user. The Outlook app communicates with Exchange Online to retrieve the user’s corporate e-mail. Corporate e-mail is delivered to the user’s mailbox. The Company Portal app is required by Intune mobile application management (MAM) scenarios.