Does Fastaff pay for housing?

Does Fastaff pay for housing?

At Fastaff, we don’t blend our rates, meaning your housing and travel is completely separate from your weekly pay. Not only are your plane tickets paid for, they’re arranged for you, too. All you have to do is pack, fly, and arrive to your complimentary housing.

What states are hiring travel nurses?

Top States in Need of Travel Nurses These states are California, Texas, New Jersey, and South Carolina. Travel nurses are desperately needed in these states and employers often give incentives to entice nurses. California consistently has the highest demand for travel nurses throughout the year.

Is Fastaff a good company to work for?

They have really good pay. However, you must be willing to work a guaranteed 48hr work week. very limited assignments in california….Travel Nursing Agency Ranking Results.

Score (all time) Score (within 1 year)
14. Accessible 2.6 1.0
15. Reputable 2.6 1.0
16. Accommodating 2.6 1.0
17. Professional 2.7 1.0

How many hours a week do travel nurses work?

40 hours per week
What hours do travel nurses work? Travel nurses typically work 40 hours per week in one of the following shift models: 5 x 8-hour shifts. 4 x 10-hour shifts.

How many hours do travel nurses work?

Hiring agencies and individual contracts differ, but travel nursing positions usually comprise 40-hour workweeks, either five 8-hour, four 10-hour, or three 12-hour shifts, although hours and days vary by facility. You typically begin each contract period with an orientation session that lasts several days.

Is travel Nursing worth the money?

They will pay you very well for your help. To put it as simply as possible, states, “Under normal circumstances, many travel nurses have the potential to earn over $3,000 per week. Travel nurses can bring in over $50 per hour, plus company-paid housing accommodations.

Is travel nursing stressful?

Travel Nursing is Challenging While job satisfaction is typically high in travel nursing, it’s still a stressful occupation given the nature of caring for others. Within their own circles, nurses will tell each other to set boundaries. Don’t work too much overtime, and be aware of signs of alcohol/drug abuse.

Is it good to work for Fastaff travel agency?

Fastaff is a great travel nursing / agency company, supplying hundreds of facilities with medical professionals. Their reputation has great impact to many facilities. Was this review helpful? Ethical company to work for recruiter is great. He makes sure I get paid on time and get a fair shake in the work place. he advocates for me in many ways.

Who are the executives of Fastaff travel nursing?

Fastaff executives and our nurses can be seen and heard talking about how this pandemic is affecting hospitals, healthcare workers and communities. Article: Fastaff travel nurse, Chris C., shares his journey to the nursing industry and the benefits of being a travel nurse

How to apply for a job on Fastaff?

Fastaff jobs open fast and fill fast. If a job is listed as “Recently Filled,” it means the position is no longer available. Apply today to be contacted when a similar job becomes available, or call us at 1-888-969-9215 to speak with a recruiter. You can also check this job board frequently for new “Available” jobs that open daily.

Is there a Gold Seal of approval for Fastaff?

Fastaff nurses are motivated by challenging assignments resulting in industry-leading compensation. Fastaff Travel Nursing is certified by The Joint Commission and has earned its Gold Seal of Approval. Fastaff also is a member of National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations.