Does Canon 60D shoot 1080p?

Does Canon 60D shoot 1080p?

Full HD movie recording The EOS 60D combines exceptional still shooting with the ability to shoot Full HD (1080p) video. To satisfy your creativity the EOS 60D features full manual control and selectable frame rates. You can also shoot high speed 50/60fps movies at 720P for when the action is really fast.

How many pixels is Canon 60D?

Canon EOS 60D Specifications

Specifications Canon EOS 60D
Total Pixels 19.0
Sensor Size 22.3 x 14.9mm
Pixel Dimensions 5184 x 3456
Pixel Size 4.30µm

What’s the maximum resolution of a magic lantern camera?

With a 20MB/s cap instead of 40MB/s, these cameras struggle with RAW video even in 10bit mode. 1344 x 504 is the maximum continuous resolution on the 60D. This is 10bit, and crops the 1.6x sensor to 2.07x so it looks more like a Micro Four Thirds camera than APS-C / Super 35.

How much raw video can I shoot on a magic lantern 70D?

On the 100D which has a small 124MB buffer, you can get 6 seconds of 14bit RAW video at 1728 x 864, but it’s not realistic for mosts shoots to work like this. (On the 70D this jumps to 10 seconds, because the buffer memory is 200MB).

How big is the HDMI output on magic lantern?

This requires the user to crop the footage from the external recorder to 1620×910 (16:9) and then resize it to either 1280×720 (79%) or 1920×1080 (119%). When the camera is recording, HDMI output resolution is limited to only 720×480 (effective image resolution is 640×388, which represents a stretched 3:2 frame).

How big is the magic lantern RAW buffer?

The information on this page was put together using personal experience of owning the cameras and the superb Magic Lantern Raw Calculator to fill in the gaps in my memory. Canon cameras have a 100MB to 275MB size buffer for recording raw images. The EOS M has the smallest buffer, the 5D Mark III the largest.