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Does Ada Nicodemou have a partner?

Does Ada Nicodemou have a partner?

Chrys Xipolitasm. 2007–2016
Ada Nicodemou/Spouse

Who is Ada Nicodemou husband?

Ada Nicodemou/Husband

Is Ada still married?

Many fans commented ‘happy birthday’ below the post. Ada and Adam have been together for five years now, and they are often the subject of engagement rumours. The former Heartbreak High star paid tribute to Adam a fortnight ago, sharing a cute photo to Instagram of the pair enjoying themselves.

Is Ada Nicodemou a dancer?

The 43-year-old says she’s never been fitter! It’s been 16 years since Ada Nicodemou won the coveted Dancing With The Stars Mirror Ball trophy on the season three series of the reality TV show back in 2005.

What age is Ada Nicodemou?

44 years (14 May 1977)
Ada Nicodemou/Age

What nationality is Ada Nicodemou?

Ada Nicodemou/Nationality

Ada Nicodemou (Greek: Άντα Νικοδήμου) (born 14 May 1977) is an Australian actress. She began her acting career in 1994 playing Katerina Ioannou in Heartbreak High.

Is Ada Nicodemou divorce?

Ada shares eight-year-old son Johnas with her ex-husband Chrys Xipolitas. The former Heartbreak High star welcomed Johnas into the world back in 2012 via IVF, but shortly afterwards she separated from his father Chrys, before divorcing him in 2016.

Who has Leah married in home and away?

In 2011, Nicodemou said that her favourite relationship that Leah has had was with Vinnie. Leah marries Dan Baker (Tim Campbell).

Has Leah from Home and Away had a facelift?

Home and Away’s Ada Nicodemou has finally confirmed she had a breast augmentation. ‘I don’t use fillers and I rarely use Botox and the only surgery that I’ve done [that] is “fake” is breast augmentation, which I have every right to do,’ she wrote.

How old is ADA Nic?

What height is Ada Nicodemou?

1,55 m
Ada Nicodemou/Height

Who are the parents of Ada Nicodemou’s son?

Rumours have swirled since Ada invited Adam, her mum Jenny and 8-year-old son Johnas – who she shares with ex-husband, Chrys Xipolitas – to her dance rehearsal, sparking rumours that her DWTS partner, Aric Yegudkin, is teaching the couple their wedding waltz!

Who was Ada Nicodemou’s boyfriend at her wedding?

Ada Nicodemou grinned from ear-to-ear as she enjoyed a Greek family wedding with her handsome, millionaire boyfriend Adam Rigby.

When was Ada Nicodemou married to Chrys Xipolitas?

Prior to that, Ada Nicodemou was married to Chrys Xipolitas. The couple separated for a month in 2010. The former couple married in 2007 and have a son together who was born on 22nd August 2012. Ada and Chrys announced in 2014 that they were expecting a second child.

When did Ada Nicodemou and Adam Rigby split?

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Ada Nicodemou, Adam Rigby and Chrys Xipolitas for comment. Ada and Chrys split in 2016 after nine years of marriage. They share custody of a seven-year-old son, Johnas Xipolitas. She began dating Adam, whom she met at a work function, several months after her separation.