Do Philmac fittings need inserts?

Do Philmac fittings need inserts?

The Philmac 3G™ range of compression fittings doesn’t just represent the latest technology available; it is the next generation of pipe fitting. No insert is required and no force is needed to push the pipe into the fitting. In addition, a visual stop indicator reduces the risk of over tightening.

Do Philmac fittings need thread tape?

Philmac 3G Metric™ is a complete range of mechanical fittings designed to make connections simple when joining metric PE pipes. Note: Philmac recommends the use of PTFE tape on BSP threads to ensure a positive seal.

Can philmac fittings be used underground?

Philmac Tee MDPE Underground Fitting in Black 20mm, 25mm & 32mm. This 3G Metric/Imperial MDPE underground Compression Fitting from Philmac. For use with metric MDPE pipe and imperial PE pipe. No pipe preparation required.

What size is black Alkathene?

Black Alkathene Pipe Fittings

Pipe Class C ID Class D OD
3/8 inch 12 mm
1/2 inch 15.5 mm 21.5 mm
3/4 inch 19.5 mm 26.9 mm
1 inch 24.5 mm 33.7 mm

Do poly pipe fittings need thread tape?

Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of PVC joint assembly: Don’t over-tighten joints by giving them “one more turn to be sure.”Do finger tighten plus one or two turns – No More. Don’t wrap Teflon tape or Teflon paste or pipe dope to add bulk to or to lubricate the joint. Do use a sealant for threaded joints.

Can Mdpe fittings be buried?

It is crucial that fittings buried underground are installed correctly first time, as the cost to rectify any issues can be huge and destructive. MDPE fittings are reliable and designed to suit this type of environment.

Can you bury Mdpe fittings?

Blue water supply MDPE should be laid in a trench at a depth of at least 750mm (measured from the pipe crown), but no more than 1350mm, from the finished ground level and at least 350mm away from other utilities (such as gas or electricity).

What kind of pipe fittings does philmac use?

Philmac offers an extensive range of high quality pipe fittings that are used to join pipe together, or for the installation of components that allow control and measurement in your pipe system. Valves play an integral part in the performance, management and control of water quality, flow and pressure within a pipe system.

When to use philmac easylok compression fittings?

When working with large pipes, installation can be challenging but Philmac EasyLOK fittings make light work of large pipe connection. Metric compression fittings are the fitting of choice for industrial applications, where blueline PE pipe is carrying media with chemical, compressed air or dirty water.

What do you need to know about philmac installation?

Philmac have developed a series of videos that show correct procedure to install a wide range of products. We’ll be adding new installation and trouble shooting videos on a regular basis so check back soon.

What kind of nuts are in philmac compression fittings?

Philmac Metric tapping saddles are manufactured from high grade polypropylene to provide PN16 rated connections. Available with either galv or SS316 nuts and bolts.