Did Restoration Hardware discontinue paint?

Did Restoration Hardware discontinue paint?

Restoration Hardware, being the home-furnishing company that it is, produced its own paint until 2020 when it discontinued its paint line. Their available options typically went along with the furnishings purchased to fit a certain household theme.

What color is Spanish moss?

Spanish Moss is mix of green and gray. This earthy, succulent color was brought to life through the woodland moss that can be found around Florida.

Does Restoration Hardware have paint colors?

Restoration Hardware paint colors are so beautiful and can easily be matched in whatever paint brand you like best.

Does Benjamin Moore make Restoration Hardware paint?

trk65. RH colors have their roots in Benjamin Moore colors. Color Matches For Restoration Hardware paint in Benjamin Moore paint: Atmosphere Blue – Gentle Gray 1626.

Can you paint Restoration Hardware furniture?

Step 2: How to Paint a Restoration Hardware Finish on Furniture – Base Coat. Use one of your brushes to paint on the base coat of Sherwin Williams Hopsack. Let your base coat dry overnight. TIME-SAVING TIP – You can get your primer tinted to the same base color and skip the base coat of latex paint completely.

What Color Is Cypress Green?

The color has a warm, yellow undertone, which means that you can create a subtle and quiet effect by mixing Cypress with analogous color such as blue and particularly all shades of yellow.

Who made RH paint?

Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore used to make RH paint, back when it was quality, and their Grey Wisp is the same as RH Silver Sage.

How do you get Restoration Hardware finish with chalk paint?

How to get the “Restoration Hardware” Look

  1. Cover your piece in two coats of Annie Sloan’s French linen Chalk paint.
  2. The second step is to apply a wash of graphite directly over the French linen paint.
  3. Once that has dried, which may take longer than usual because of the water added, it’s time to wax.