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Can you use bear mace on humans?

Can you use bear mace on humans?

Bear spray should not be sprayed on objects such as tents or humans. This type of use has no deterrent effect on bears. In fact, it has been reported that some bears may be attracted to bear spray.

What happens if a human is sprayed with bear spray?

When sprayed into the face of a person or bear, capsaicin inflames the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and lungs, causing temporary loss of sight, nasal congestion, and, in some, difficulty breathing, Rizzo says.

Does bear spray work on intruders?

Bear spray is lower strength, but sprays a LOT more- which indoors is going to get ugly real fast. IF you can hit the intruders face, and if they are not wearing a gas mask, odds are pretty good.

Is bear mace effective?

The research confirms that it’s highly effective. A 20-year study, published in the Journal of Wildlife Management, of bear-spray incidents in Alaska found that these sprays stopped a bear’s “undesirable behavior” more than 90% of the time. The few times someone using spray sustained an injury, that injury was minor.

Will pepper spray stop an intruder?

Pepper spray directed at the eyes is also an effective method to protect oneself by incapacitating, but not killing, an intruder. But be sure to get a can that’s designed to shoot a stream 15 to 20 feet. Anything closer is not a safe distance, because a now-enraged intruder might be able to reach you.

What smells do bears avoid?

Bears also dislike the strong scent of pine-based cleaners, but avoid using anything with a fresh, lemony or fruity smell. And never mix bleach and ammonia; the combination produces fumes that can be deadly to both people and bears.

What is the best pistol caliber for bear?

The Glock 20 chambered in 10mm has become a popular carry choice in bear country. photo from thetruthaboutguns.com. The author carries a Glock 17 in 9mm or a Ruger in . 357 Mag, and says, when it comes to handguns and bears, what matters is getting the most hits on target in the shortest amount of time.