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Can I use my 1800 contacts prescription for glasses?

Can I use my 1800 contacts prescription for glasses?

Is a contact lens prescription the same as a glasses prescription? The short answer: no, unfortunately they’re different.

Is glasses prescription higher than contacts?

A: Eyeglass prescriptions are higher than contact lens prescriptions because contact lenses sit on the eye, whereas eyeglasses sit in space in front of the eye. We call this the vertex distance.

Does contact lens prescription work for glasses?

Can I use my glasses prescription for contacts? Contact lens and glasses prescriptions are not the same. A contact lens must match the size and shape of your eye. Therefore, a prescription for contact lenses contains information like base curve and diameter, as well as brand.

Should my optician give me my prescription?

An optician is obliged to provide you with the written prescription following the eye examination. You are then able to take the prescription to another practice. By law, the prescription must provide the basic results of the eye examination.

What is the difference between prescription for glasses and contact lenses?

Contact lens prescriptions and eyeglass prescriptions are not the same. They are significantly different because eyeglass lenses are positioned approximately 12 millimeters from your eyes, whereas contact lenses rest directly on the surface of your eyes.

Can you switch between glasses and contacts?

No, not at all. You can switch between contact lenses and glasses. In fact, you are recommended to do so, because it is harmful to eyes to wear contact lenses for long or extended time. Switching from contact lenses allows your eyes to relax and access oxygen. But there is one thing that you need to pay attention to.

Should I get contact lenses instead of glasses?

A lot of patients ask if they can get contacts that would let them get rid of their reading glasses. For most people the answer is yes! Lenses like the Purevision Multifocal and the Air Optix Multifocal offer great vision in a very healthy lens material. And here’s another suggestion: some patients who naturally have good distance vision use just one contact lens for near vision.

Can I use my glasses prescription for contacts?

Glasses prescriptions and contacts prescriptions are not interchangeable. Your eyeglasses prescription is not likely to be the same as your prescription for contact lenses. That means that even if you already have glasses, you will need a separate prescription for contact lenses.