Can I buy a retainer for my teeth online?

Can I buy a retainer for my teeth online?

There are plenty of online services that create quality and affordable retainers, including Hawley and Essix retainers. To order a retainer online, you first order an impression kit. Then you can make molds of your teeth at home and send these back to the company, and they custom-make your retainers in a dental lab.

Can you get a retainer without going to the dentist?

ClearRetain. This mail-in system allows you to skip the dentist and take your own teeth impressions at home, which you then mail to the company in a pre-paid box for a custom retainer that arrives in days.

How much do clear retainers cost?

Clear plastic retainers have become more and more popular and are used more often than Hawley retainers. Average cost varies from about $100 to $285 for one tray (upper or lower).

Why are clear retainers so expensive?

The main factor in how much teeth retainers cost is the dentist markup. Dentists with large overheads naturally have a higher markup. Most of the removable retainer types are not made in the dentist’s office, but rather off-site at a dental lab. These labs take an impression and turn it into a retainer.

Can I eat with clear retainers?

With clear retainers, DO NOT DRINK OR EAT ANYTHING with them except water. Keep retainers AWAY FROM DOGS AND CATS. Pets have been known to chew through retainer cases and your retainer. DO NOT USE YOUR TONGUE TO REMOVE RETAINERS!

Will my teeth shift without retainer for 2 weeks?

If you skip or lose your retainer for a week, it’s possible to have some small amount of relapse. Like we said earlier, teeth can move back to their original positions without a retainer to provide guidance and pressure.

Are retainers good for your teeth?

Retainers are a good substitute for braces when the issue is extremely minor; that is, if the problem concerns only one or two teeth. If there is a slight gap between two teeth or if one of the teeth is out of place, a retainer can be used effectively.

Is there alternative to retainers?

Unfortunately, there are no alternatives to wearing retainers. In order to retain the smile achieved with orthodontic treatment, you must use some form of retainer.

Can retainers realign your teeth?

In some cases, retainers can help realign teeth. Your orthodontist may suggest retainers for that perfect smile in very select cases. If you are an adult and your teeth overcrowding is limited, he may suggest retainers. In simple terms, if your teeth require just minor corrections, it can be achieved with retainers.

Are retainers and Invisalign the same?

Despite their appearances, Invisalign and retainers serve very different purposes. Look closely, and you may spot some other differences: Invisalign aligners are made from a unique medical grade thermoplastic material (developed by NASA!), making them thinner and more flexible than most removable retainers.