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Are there any used BMW M5S for sale?

Are there any used BMW M5S for sale?

Autotrader has 530 Used BMW M5 cars for sale, including a 2003 BMW M5, a 2015 BMW M5, and a 2019 BMW M5.

Which is the most powerful BMW M5?

A 4.4-liter BMW M TwinPower Turbo V-8 engine cranks out 627 horsepower – making the M5 CS the most powerful production BMW ever. Standard BMW M xDrive technology automatically distributes torque in selectable 2WD, 4WD, and 4WD Sport modes. Records set. And shattered. The 2022 BMW M5 CS is more than another high-performance four-door sedan.

What does the new BMW M5 look like?

From the shape of the body and the latest paint finishes to the M-designed interior, the latest BMW M5 Sedan looks as dominant as it drives. An updated exterior. The 2021 BMW M5 takes a step beyond its predecessors with its brand-new kidney grille, front bumper, air intake, and headlight design.

Is the BMW M5 a street legal car?

An executive sedan with racing flair, exclusivity, and everyday driveability. Exceptional engineering, enhanced power, and an exclusive appearance make the First-Ever BMW M5 CS Sedan an uncontested masterpiece. The quickest street-legal BMW.

What kind of interior does a BMW M5 have?

Fifty cars were produced, in one of two color and trim combinations: Rosso Red metallic (code number 369) with a Champagne extended leather interior and natural poplar wood trim (15 built) or Orinoco metallic (code number 406) with a Bicolour Petrol and Mint extended leather interior and graphite bird’s-eye maple wood trim (35 built).

When did the BMW M5 Competition Package come out?

From 2014, the BMW M5 Competition Package was introduced. The Competition Package increases peak engine power to 423 kW (575 PS; 567 hp) and has a revised suspension setup (bushings, springs, dampers, anti-roll bars) which lowers the car 10 mm (0.4 in). [82]

Is there a convertible version of the BMW M5?

BMW developed a prototype convertible model, which featured an electric folding cloth roof and a steeper raked windshield than a standard M5. Steel reinforcements were added under both side valance panels to reduce body flex, and curb weight was approximately 100 kg (220 lb) more than the sedan model.

What is the verdict on the BMW M5?

Verdict The M5 is an icon among sports sedans, and this generation’s outrageous performance preserves that legacy. The 2022 BMW M5 isn’t a subdued sedan. It’s an endless thrill ride on four wheels.

What kind of artillery is the BMW M5?

The weapons-grade M5 is a powerful piece of German artillery from BMW’s iconic M division.